I Had Sex Like Billie From Netflix’s ‘Sex/Life’ for One Whole Week

When Netflix’s new series Sex/Life dropped a couple of weeks ago, I immediately added it to my queue. Your girl loves a good sex scene, and this show clearly had plenty.

And reader, they did not disappoint. When watching the raunchier moments in the series, I got all tingly, my knees became weak, and I’m pretty sure I was literally salivating at one point. (Real cute, I know.)

It was clear that, like everyone else who has seen the show, I wanted a piece of Billie’s illustrious sex life for myself. So that’s when it hit me: What if I had sex like Billie for a week?

My partner and I already have a very healthy sex life, but something about the scenes—the poolside sex, the swapping partners, the coital alignment technique—made me want to try something new. So we made it happen.

I studied the entire first season, picked out the seven best (and most realistic) sex scenes to mimic, and did just that. Sure, I may not be Billie and my boyfriend may not be Brad, but trust me, there’s a reason Billie fantasizes about her ex as often as she does…


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