I hated 32A boobs so asked strangers to fund surgery – trolls call me shameful

A woman sick of having her 32A breasts has taken to TikTok to ask strangers to fund her plastic surgery.

Hailey Jimroglu, from US, said her boob size has not changed since the first bra she bought.

She added that "the bigger, more muscular and the older I get, the smaller they are getting".

The TikToker then made a request on her platform to ask 10,000 people to send her $1 (75p) so then she could use the money for plastic surgery.

As part of her so-called "boobment" plan, she hoped leftover cash could be used to help other small-chested women get their own procedures done.

Two months later in April 2021, she was able to get her boob job.

Hailey opted for a 32B/C cup size with roughly 325cc implants.

Since then she posted more videos to answer people's questions about plastic surgery and post-surgery care – but she was also hit with comments saying she should be shameful.

One said: "It's really a pity society has shamed women like this. Don't do it, I'll take AA natural over DD fake any day."

A second mocked: "I don't really see a difference."

But many more women showed support to Hailey, with one writing: "Don't let them take away from all this, it's just so exciting and there will always be haters."

"I give you so much credit for putting yourself on social media like you do! So happy you feel more confident, I am built just the same as you," another shared.

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Hailey said her surgery cost $6,900 and she will keep the pool money rolling until it's enough for the "second winner".

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