I have 200 siblings from Mormon cult which brainwashed me – but I escaped

A woman who fled from a Mormon group has shared what living in a cult is like and explained her experience of running away from her family.

Nicole Mafi, daughter of the notorious leader of the Kingston polygamist group, Paul Kingston, lived in Utah most of her childhood before she left the group when she was 17.

In a video posted online, she explained how she was "brainwashed" in the group. about the time when she was at the cult, also known as The Order.

"When I looked back, I believed in it [being brainwashed] 100%," she explained.

"I believed that my dad was the mouthpiece of God, in fact, I didn't have any issues with my dad, I believed that he is a good person and that he is just the best he could until probably five or six years after I left."

Nicole said because she was born into the cult so she couldn't find anything to contradict the religion.

But at the age of 15 when she went to college, she realised that she needed a way out.

"So yes I was 100% brainwashed and it starts from birth, it's really intense because it's my whole life, the whole community," she continued, adding that the belief shaped the way she thinks about things.

"They also shut down your critical thinking, they shut down your problem-solving skills — my science classes really saved me because they teach you the scientific method on how to problem solve.

"College was what really helped me deconstruct and build my critical thinking skills that were shut down by my family."

Nicole's father, Paul Kingston, has 27 wives and each of them are expected to have more than 10 children. In another video, Nicole estimates her dad has "between 200 and 300 kids".

"My mum was wife number five and she had 11 of her own kids, and I'm the oldest," she revealed.

When Nicole was 17, she left the cult and became homeless for a month before she found a friend who allowed her to stay with him.

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But, after contacting her family, "they brainwashed me into coming back".

She left again at 18 and never looked back after starting a new life.

"I got married, I started a family and I recently moved out to Missouri to start my own life and do my own thing," Nicole said.

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