I have big boobs and other women tell me to put them away

I have big boobs and other women tell me to put them away while random men make creepy comments

  • British TikTok user Courtney has revealed comments she has to put up with  
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A voluptuous woman has laid bare the unwanted compliments, crass comments and harsh criticism that she receives on account of her big bust. 

Courtney (@mrs.joker444) created a TikTok video to reveal the kind of comments she gets on her curvaceous figure. 

The video starts with Courtney sitting outside in the sunshine wearing a strappy yellow top and tight black shorts with the caption: ‘POV: you have big boobs in the UK.’

She then showcased the unprompted comments that she has to contend with on account of her shape, explaining how ‘Karens’ tell her to ‘put them away’.

Courtney (@mrs.joker444) posted a video to TikTok revealing certain reactions she gets from strangers on account of her body shape 

She suggested that she receives criticism from other women as well as unwanted compliments from random men

‘Random man: they look lovely,’ she added. 

The next comment featured a picture of a smiling old man making the thumbs up sign, with the caption: ‘Old man: “Wish my wife had a pair of those”.’

The final frame in Courtney’s video features a group of young men and is captioned: ‘Roadmen: Ayo get them out styll.’  

With almost 2,000 likes, the video also received a number of responses in the comments section. 

One commenter wrote: ‘God bless them roadmen for saying what every man is thinking.’

Another posted: ‘Ive seen your previous TikToks and damnn I should get more into UK girls.’

While others were simply amused by the video, writing ‘Omggg’ followed by laughing emojis. 

Others still were dismissive, with one posting ‘Excuse me.’ 

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