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DEAR DEIDRE: I LET a friend down really badly and it’s taking its toll on my mental health.

I’m a man of 40 and my friend is female and 42.

We were really close pals, but when she confided that her husband was violent, I ran a mile.

I didn’t know how to handle it. He was intimidating and I didn’t want to get involved.

She’d got to know my sister too but she’s not heard from her since I lost touch.

I don’t know whether she’s alive or dead. I should have been there for her.

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I can’t find her on social media and I want to apologise.

It feels worse than any break-up I’ve ever had.


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DEIDRE SAYS: This has obviously played on your mind.

This guilt is eating you up and is keeping you locked in the past.

Try to learn from this experience and decide to behave differently in the future.

We can all overthink things. If you still want to make amends, my support pack called Tracing Someone may help.

Good luck.

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