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A FAST food lover claims to have lost 9st while still eating all of his favourite meals.

Chris Terrell shed the pounds without majorly restricting his diet, following a complex set of rules or furiously counting calories.

Instead, he simply told himself: "I can eat whatever I want, but I have to be hungry.

"When I'm no longer hungry, I have to stop eating."

Speaking to Insider, he said: "I didn't deprive myself of foods I enjoyed, but if I wasn't hungry, I told myself to wait until I was and eat it later."

Chris, who used to devour junk food and highly-processed snacks, also reduced his portion sizes to ensure he didn't overeat.


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He would munch the small amount on his plate and would stop as soon as he felt full.

"I tell myself, 'Just serve yourself way less than normal, and when you're done, wait a few minutes, and if you're still hungry, go back and get more," he said.

It takes 20 to 30 minutes for the brain to register that the stomach is full after eating, experts say.

This means enjoying your meals slowly and waiting before diving in for more can result in a significant reduction in calorie consumption.

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Registered dietitian Kate Mockler said: "If people started taking 15 seconds before a meal to check in with themselves and rate from one to 10 how hungry they're feeling, it could help them portion out a balanced meal.

"Similarly, throughout their meal, if every few bites they pause and check in with themselves to see how full and satisfied they're feeling, that can prevent overeating.

"Learning how to incorporate and portion your favorite foods into your healthy lifestyle is what makes weight loss and transformations sustainable."

After two and a half years of adopting these habits – known as mindful eating – Chris lost almost 9st (125lbs).

He now helps others do the same.

Writing on his website, Chris Terrell Coaching, he said: "No shortcuts, no bull**** fad diets, no restricting whole food groups categorically.

"Just good old fashioned weight loss the slow and stable way."

Taking this approach means he can still scoff a McDonald's breakfast several times a week – and have the occasional chicken sandwich from Popeyes.

He said on Instagram: "Eating fast food on a weight loss journey is just fine.

"I didn't need to give up McDonald's to lose weight, what I needed to give up on was having two bacon, egg and cheese biscuits every morning, every day.

"That's 900 calories I used to have. A chicken McGriddle is 390 calories – a major reduction.

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"I have no issue with having McDonald's. It's quick, it's tasty, it's convenient.

"McDonald's is fine in moderation, and Popeyes is fine too. Just don't eat it for every meal and maybe order a reasonable portion."

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