I love being naked so much that Ill be spending Christmas in the nude

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    Christmas is right around the corner and one man plans to celebrate the day a bit differently than most.

    Sage Suede, 28, is a musician, model and fashion influencer living in Texas, USA, who isn’t travelling during the festive season as budgets have been tight.

    While it’s sad he’ll be missing spending the holiday with his family, it does mean he’ll be able to spend it in the nude.

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    Sage is a nudist at home as he believes it’s more comfortable to be au naturel, particularly when it is hot outside.

    He also schedules photoshoots for implied nude or sensual modelling in a studio, as well as some local underwear modelling and music videos.

    He spoke to Daily Star about his impending Christmas plans and the judgment he faces from family.

    “I'm going to have a few friends over for a gift exchange with egg nog, Fireball, Becherovka, hot chocolate and whiskey,” he said.

    “Clothes are optional. A lot of my friends wear kink to my parties, but I'll be nude. I'm a model so it's kind of a cup-half-empty situation because being partially nude is also fun.

    “Personally, I think that we should feel comfortable in our own skin and take the time to appreciate our bodies in the buff.”

    While Sage is most often nude at home, he found out cooking bacon while naked was a dangerous task so has recently started having to wear an apron.

    He also enjoys the occasional nude hike.

    “Texas has pretty open public nudity laws, so sometimes I like to go hiking nude or to Hippie Hollow, which is a nude beach at the lake,” Sage said.

    “At the state parks that allow nudity, I don't think everyone is aware, so sometimes they think it's weird when they get an eyeful, but I'm not being nude for them.

    “Online, most people that I meet love anything remotely sexy and ask me about it.”

    He sometimes takes his kit off for parties and is thinking of organising a nude hot tub party for New Year's Eve.

    The 28-year-old undresses for modelling a lot as well, as he believes it looks artistic.

    “I'm an underwear model, so it's just easier to change on set and implied nudes are also effective in meeting new people,” he shared.

    “We experiment a lot with light and colour, so the art speaks for itself.”

    Sadly, Sage is regularly judged for his choice to go without clothing – even though he says he is considerate of others and the law.

    He also makes sure to only share nudes if people are interested and is only naked in nude safe spaces.

    “I don't think there's any reason to judge when everybody is naked sometimes. If I want to be naked at home, skinny dipping or hiking in a nude-friendly area, then that should be totally chill because I am following the law,” he shared.

    “Prying eyes or neighbours that don't mind their own business seem like the bigger problem at play here.

    “I think people that don't like or understand nudity or art, tend to be very influenced by preconceived prejudices that they grew up with, rather than their own feelings or attitudes about being human.”

    Sage is surprised that he gets just as much judgment for underwear modelling as he does for being nude.

    Even his family judge him for his choices and he says they’re not supportive of his career.

    Sage explained: “They can barely take a picture of me in a swimsuit at the pool without getting offended by guys commenting ‘woof’ on my Instagram.

    “People saying it's too sexy or that I show too much skin modelling. They usually don't even see me nude. Most people that see my nudes are into it and then they just ask me to come over.

    “It's understandable that not everyone is into me and I think it's a good thing that my family doesn't want to see me nude, but it's not worth any energy to get upset about being human.

    “Many people use the internet for porn more than any other activity, so don't let false stigmas based in outdated prejudices affect your ability to live comfortably. We're all born nude and it's only natural.”

    Sage believes it’s an antiquated mindset to be looking down on people for accepting their bodies but he says the internet has changed perspectives on nudity.

    The performer has released a few albums this year and also uploads content to his YouTube channel.


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