Iceland stocks 2019 sell-out Reece’s peanut butter filled Easter egg for just £4

A chocolate Easter egg from American brand Reece’s is being sold in Iceland – and there’s a twist… it’s entirely filled with Reece’s peanut butter.

The sell-out item is on sale for just £4 but if sales mirror last year’s speed, it’ll be gone in no time.

During Easter 2019, the treat was even being sold on eBay for £14.99, almost double last year’s official in-store price tag of £7.49, because it sold out across the country.

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Iceland’s stock is on sale for £3 less than the egg sold for last year and so it’s recommended that you snap them up now, even though Easter is still 3 months away.

You can buy the egg on Iceland’s website, but as delivery is only available for shops worth £25 or more, and is only free on shops worth £35 or more, you may have to commit to doing your weekly shop with the retailer (or buying six to nine eggs).

If your order costs less than £35 then the delivery charge will be £2-4 dependant on time of day.

There is one catch with the egg: you only get half.

The item is not a full 3D egg but in fact a half splice of an egg shape which lies on its flat side.

Additionally the egg contains a none too small 515 calories per 100g and 52.4g of sugar – for reference, the entire egg weighs in at 170g.

If you want to binge out on the full thing it’ll cost you a hefty 875.5 kcal, which is just under half the recommended daily calorie intake for a woman, which is 2,000 calories.

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Iceland offer other Easter-themed Reece’s goodies such as a peanut butter bunny, £3, mini bunnies, £2, and a regular peanut butter cup-sized Reece’s egg (so an oval peanut butter cup) for 60p.

Iceland has over 800 shops in the UK and you can find your nearest by using the online supermarket finder .

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