‘I’m a cleaning expert and there are 6 items you should never keep in your room

A cleaning whizz has taken to TikTok to discuss six things she would never keep in her room for the sake of maintaining a fresh environment.

The bedroom is a place to relax and restore, so cleanliness and freshness should be emphasised in equal measure, according to expert Caroline Solomon.

Known as @neat.caroline on TikTok, the cleaning professional frequently shares her advice with more than 242,000 followers on the platform.

In a recent clip, Caroline listed a score of mistakes hindering the chances of keeping a bedroom fresh, starting with having too many pillows.

“This can discourage you from making the bed, so I like to keep them to a minimum,” she explained.

The second item to keep outside of the bedroom is your bin, which should be kept in another room to prevent unpleasant smells.

“I recommend keeping this in the bathrooms instead to keep your bedroom smelling fresh,” explained the content creator.

The same goes for dirty laundry baskets, which Caroline advises keeping inside the closet.

“Similar idea here,” she explained. “If you can, keep it in the wardrobe to keep your bedroom smelling fresh.”

According to the cleaning enthusiast, it is paramount to prevent clutter from taking over your bedroom as this can hinder your mental clarity.

Not only have people been found to produce more stress hormones when they are surrounded by clutter, but the mess will also thwart your chances of keeping the environment fresh.

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Furthermore, Caroline discourages having a workspace inside the bedroom and advises leaving it in a separate room instead.

This is because spending copious time in the same room that you sleep in at night can drain you of your energy and leave you feeling lethargic.

Last but not least, Caroline discourages having mirrors facing the bed, which goes against one of the core principles of feng shui.

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“According to feng shui, placing a mirror across from your bed can […] amplify negative energy,” she explained. “So consider some art instead.”

Commentators wholeheartedly agreed with the advice, with one person writing: “100 percent agree about the mirror.”

“Cries in a studio apartment,” another joked, while a third person thanked Caroline for the tips.

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