I’m a cleaning whizz and love my Flash mop, but refills are so pricey – I found a reusable alternative for way less | The Sun

A CLEANING guru has shared the clever way she saves money with her Flash Powermop. 

The product has been a fan-favourite for the last year, with people using it non-stop to ensure their floors stay clean and smell fresh. 

But some have been complaining about how expensive the refills are for these mops, while others say they don't actually use them for a deep clean but instead to freshen a room up.

“My cleaner mops my floor,” one person shared. “I use a flash mop for daily”. 

Replying to this TikTok user, cleaning whizz @mynamesemmily explained that she doesn’t have a cleaner, but she also uses her Flash product daily. 

“But I use this head on it,” she shared, holding the mop up to reveal a microfiber cover on it. 


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“One of my problems with Flash mops is the fact that the refill heads are so expensive,” she continued. 

“There are so many other things I’d rather spend like the best part of £10 on.” 

Emmily then explained that she bought a pack of four microfiber mop covers from Amazon for a fraction of the price, which can be washed and reused time and time again. 

She said: “I got four of these heads which fit over the end of the Flash mop for under £8 I think it was.

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“And I have a designated one with a little mark inside that I use for my bathroom tiles for getting up high so they’re kind of like multi-use.”

“You can probably use them for dusting as well actually,” she went on before pointing towards the cleaning product attached to the mop.

She added: “If this wasn’t filled – that would be quite heavy to pick up, wouldn’t it.” 

Explaining that she doesn’t hate her Flash mop, Emmily said she believes there’s “time and a place” to use it. 

People were left impressed by the hack and shared their delight over it in the comments as one person wrote: “What a great idea x thank you for sharing x x”. [sic] 

Thanking her, others said they would be placing an order for them as well. 

The pack of four microfiber mop pads retail on Amazon for £7.99 and have raving reviews from happy customers. 

“Brilliant! Saved a fortune on disposable pads,” one person said. 

While another shared: “Fits my Flash mop perfectly, and because its washable it can be used time and again.” [sic] 

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