Im dating two women at once – my Christian community hate it but I dont care

A throuple living in a Christian community have hit back after being told their relationship is "not what God intended".

Tattoo artist Oscar Gonzalez, 38, from Puerto Rico, met 23-year-old bartender Sammie Sewell in Philadelphia, US, in 2020.

While the two instantly hit it off and got together, soon after Oscar decided to move back to his home in Puerto Rico.

Despite trying to make it work long-distance for a month, he asked Sammie to leave her home in the US to move in with him.

Sammie decided to take a chance on their relationship and moved in with Oscar.

The pair enjoyed experimenting with a third partner, but the hook-ups were casual when they wanted a secure relationship.

Then one night when they were scrolling through Tinder, they matched with Amanda Quiles, 22.

She quickly became their permanent third partner and now the three have been together for over two years.

Oscar said: "We share bills and live under the same roof, we are practically married for all purposes.

"Three people cannot legally marry, although we've discussed an informal ceremony if we are a throuple for over five years.

"We get jealous sometimes but that is a human emotion and you have to work through it."

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The throuple's unconventional lifestyle is accepted by their families, although passing strangers often have a lot to say.

Oscar admitted: "My family is incredibly supportive, Sammie's is as well so is Amanda's mother, however, the rest of her family is not.

"Amanda's extended family is extremely religious and does not approve of our relationship or lifestyle.

"We were told our relationship is not what God intended and that was difficult to hear.

"But luckily, my external girlfriend's mum knows I live with two other women and is really understanding about it."

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Puerto Rico is a highly Catholic country and walking in public with two women does attract hostile attention at times.

Oscar revealed: "We get weird looks by strangers on the streets sometimes when they see me with two girls.

"Social media also has a lot to say about our lifestyle as we are very open with what we post on Instagram.

"People leave comments quoting bible verses and saying things like 'God only wanted you to be with one woman'.

"But we don't put much stock in what they have to say, they are just jealous we feel."

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