Influencer cuts off part of tongue to improve kissing skills

How far would you go to improve your kissing skills?

Forget online tutorials and practicing on her hand, this woman underwent surgery in an effort to become a better kisser – and it’s apparently paying off.

Rochelle Garett, who has nearly half a million followers on Instagram, where she’s known as Xehli G, recently opened up about the procedure.

The 22-year-old had her lingual frenulum (tissue that connects the tongue to the bottom of the mouth) sliced off, as it was too short, which can cause issues with eating and chewing.

But the influencer claims it also impacted her confidence, as she struggled to flirt and couldn’t enjoy kissing.

Since having her lingual frenulum removed, Rochelle says she has never felt better and can finally enjoy smooching without anxiety about her efforts.

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‘[Until I had the surgery], I felt like I had never kissed anyone for real,’ she explained.

Speaking about what kissing has been like since, she added: ‘It’s a really unique feeling. It has been much better than any other kiss I’ve ever given in my life.

‘Now it seems that my tongue is loose when kissing – before it was blocked.

‘Whoever kissed me before must think that I didn’t know what I was doing.’

The content creator previously shared that she was bullied for the way she talks and received cruel comments from trolls online, which also inspired her to have tongue surgery.

Rochelle said: ‘I was bullied when I was younger because my speech was very compromised, and when I started making videos for the Internet, all the comments and teasing came back.

‘I should have had this surgery when I was little, my paediatrician even recommended it, but my mother felt sorry for me at the time, because of the pain.’

Although she was afraid to go through with the procedure, she recently bit the bullet, documenting her journey on social media.

One video has racked up over 46,000 likes, with comments pouring in from followers wishing her well.

Rochelle’s stitches are now out and her tongue is fully healed, so she can go forth and kiss with confidence.

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