Influencer slammed for hot Mardi Gras look

Alix Earle is a TikToker with over 4.5 million followers on her account @alixearle, and her latest bright pink outfits for the Louisiana Mardi Gras parade caused some heated discussion online about what is appropriate to wear to the celebration.

In a video with almost 8 million views, Alix got dressed in a very pink outfit, as she wore see-through pink tights with bows on them, a pink bikini, large furry pink boots and a sparkly hot pink coat overlined with fur. The TikTok influencer also wore a pearl necklace accessorised with pearls stuck to her face and large pink sunglasses

Alix was excited about her outfit as she dance and showed it off in the video. She said: “I think this is the new outfit that I am going to wear all the time….I think this is my favourite outfit that I’ve ever had on.”

Alix posted other videos in the bright pink outfit and looked like she was having fun, but some people in her comment section debated if the outfit should be worn to a Mardi Gras parade. One user named Sandi wrote: “I don’t think this a Mardi Gras look but definitely would work for a rave or if you were a dancer!”

One user called Mia also wrote: “Growing up in New Orleans, this interpretation of Mardi Gras is so…interesting to see.” Someone else wrote: “It is a very cute outfit, but I’m not sure if it meant to be for a rave or Mardi Gras.”

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Alix later changed into another eye-catching look, wearing white see-through tights with hearts on them, her pink thong visible through the sheer fabric. She wore a bra top, made with red heart-shaped cups, with a red fluffy jacket and cowboy hat.

In a picture of the look commenters noted other Mardi Gras partiers seemed unimpressed with Alix’s look. Indra Star wrote: “I love all the dirty looks from other girls. They are mad that you’re so hot.”

Wendy Walker said: “The faces of some of the people in the background.” T Blaine said: “The women giving you dirty looks.”

Another TikTok user by the name of Gracie shared her thoughts on the outfit in a video with over 2 million views on her account @thoughtswgracie. In her video, Gracie showed a picture of Alix’s pink outfit and said: “I just know everyone from Louisana who came into contact with Alix Earle during Mardi Gras was like ‘you’re not from here are you?’”

Gracie showed pictures of other people at Mardi Gras parades who were dressed in more casual outfits, such as hoodies and jeans. She explained that while some Mardi Gras parades are more “fun” and have similar outfits to Alix, there are “different parades for different social groups…they dress up very nicely and go to balls.”

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Gracie added: “The only people who are dressing like this at Mardi Gras are the people who are either from there and are trying to make money off the tourists, or are the tourists and don’t know how to dress for Mardi Gras.”

Gracie showed more pictures of people at Mardi Gras parades alongside Alix’s outfit, and said: “But people are going to mistake you for a Bourbon shot girl if you dress like this. Do you see everyone else? Even the people on the floats are not dressed like they are going to an EDM concert.”

Some people in Gracie’s comment section agreed that the outfit should not be at a Mardi Gras parade, as the top comment said: “She definitely dressed for the frats and the frats only, and I am just shocked she didn’t include at least include a single Mardi Gras colour.”

However, other people defended Alix and said her outfit would not have been out of place at international Mardi Gras festivals. One popular comment said: “You should see Sydney’s Mardi Gras! [Alix] would fit right in.” Another person said: “I’m from Australia and saw nothing wrong with [the outfit]. It is exactly what we wear to Mardi Gras here.”

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In her video response to Gracie, Tay on the account @taypernduh said: “[People] probably thought that [Alix] looked so good. I’m from Louisiana too and girls dress like that, it really is not that deep and people can wear whatever they want to Mardi Gras as it is literally just one big party.”

In the caption of her video, Tay also wrote: “New Orleans is very much into the EDM theme and that is why girls dress like that for Mardi Gras…let the girl live.” In Tay’s comment section, a lot of people agreed with Tay’s opinion about Alix’s outfit.

One user wrote: “I wish girlies would just support other girlies” while someone else wrote: “Why was everyone being mean, I think [Alix] looked amazing!”

Another person said: “As a Louisiana girl I’m here to say [Alix] killed this look it was absolutely fine.” Someone else also from the area also said: “My 50-year-old dad was wearing sequins this year. It’s not like other ppl outside Tulane don’t dress up too.”

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