Instagram parenting influencer’s fans outraged after Trump donations exposed

Fans of a wildly popular Instagram parenting influencer are reportedly distraught after discovering she and her husband made multiple donations to former president Donald Trump’s campaigns.

Neonatal nurse Cara Dumaplin has more than 1.3 million fans of her Taking Cara Babies Instagram account, where she offers advice to new mothers on how to get their babies to sleep. She also offers online baby sleep courses ranging from US$75 to US$319 ($105-$445).

But around a week ago, according to Vox, parenting forums and group chats began to light up after internet users uncovered Federal Elections Commission data showing Dumaplin and her paediatrician husband had donated around US$2000 to Trump campaigns in 2019 and 2020.

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“OH MY GOD TAKING CARA BABIES IS MAGA,” author and screenwriter Bess Kalb wrote in a since-deleted tweet.

New mother Katelyn Esmonde told Vox that following Dumaplin’s sleep programmes had helped her significantly, but “it’s really hard for me to separate what I know about her now from the sleep advice that she gives”.

“I can’t square that with a person who puts children in cages,” she said.

Dumaplin confirmed to the publication that “between 2016 and 2019, I made a series of donations (totalling US$1078) to the Trump campaign”.

“As with many citizens, there were aspects of the Trump administration that I agreed with and some that I disagreed with,” she said.

Many fans have vowed to boycott Taking Cara Babies, and some have also requested refunds.

Other popular parenting accounts reportedly posted statements on their Instagram Stories to note they disagreed with Dumaplin’s beliefs.

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