iPhone users warned not to make ‘battery killer’ mistake

iPhone users have be warned not to make a common 'battery killer' mistake when charging their device, as it can easily destroy the battery's health over time.

The charging mistake is super common among smartphone users, especially those who get impatient while waiting for their mobile phone to charge.

It can be tempting to use your iPhone while it's hooked up to the charger, especially in the evenings, but this can be extremely damaging for the battery.

Evidence shows that using your iPhone while its charging can disrupt the charge cycle as well as reduce the battery's life, as reported by The Mirror.

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While we all know it can be very difficult to avoid using your phone while it's charging, it is highly recommended that you charge your iPhone during periods when you are unlikely to need to use it, or are busy.

The easy solution may appear to be to simply leave your smartphone on charge while you sleep at night, but this also comes alongside some risks to the battery's health.

Every iPhone has a lithium-ion battery which degrades over time, meaning that it slowly begins to hold less charge in contrast to when it was brand new.

Keeping an iPhone battery fully charged or on charge even if it's on 100% can ultimately speed up the degrading process, which isn't great for your smartphone.

However, this doesn't mean that you cannot charge your phone while you sleep, as your iPhone has a clever built-in feature which helps to maintain the battery's health.

In Settings, there's an option to turn on Optimised Battery Charging, which helps to extend the lifespan of your iPhone by boosting the battery's health.

It limits the damage to the battery by reducing the time that your iPhone spends fully charged. When Optimised Battery Charging is turned on, your mobile will stop charging past 80%, but only in specific situations.

To change your settings, go into the Settings app, click Battery then Battery Health, and there will be an option to turn on Optimised Battery Charging.

The new iPhone tip comes after a TikTok star called Elly claimed that smartphone users have been using their iPhone 'wrong' if they haven't been using one of its 'secret' features.

Shared a video detailing how to turn on the feature, and told her fans: "Back Tap is an insane hidden iPhone feature!" alongside footage of her explaining what it does and how to do it

Elly told fans to go onto the Settings app, then click Accessibility, then Touch, and scroll to the bottom to find a tab titled Back Tap, and you can then add a shortcut.

She revealed that you can choose between a double or triple tap, and that she uses hers to Shazam songs "in two seconds".


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