Is this £7 silk hair scrunchie the secret to healthier hair?

Is this £7.29 silk hair scrunchie the secret to healthier hair? Thousands of Amazon shoppers rave about how it reduces friction AND prevents breakage

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Although it may seem like a boujee buy, a silk hair scrunchie is the latest beauty must-have, promising to give you the silkiest, healthiest hair. 

While traditional hair ties can tug at hair causing kinks and breakage, silk is far more gentle. Not only does it protect hair from breakage and control tangling, but it also creates less frizz. 

And according to over 2,000 rave Amazon reviews, silk scrunchies are more than just a fad, they actually gives you noticeable results. The £7.29 LilySilk Silk Hair Scrunchie is a hugely popular beauty buy on Amazon with shoppers calling it ‘unbelievably amazing’ and raving how it ‘keeps hair in best condition possible’.

The LilySilk Silk Hair Scrunchies have over 2,000 Amazon reviews on the mega-site 

While at £7.29 the LilySilk Silk Hair Scrunchies may seem an indulgent buy, according to thousands of impressed shoppers, the benefits are well worth the initial investment. 

Regular hair elastics can pull and tug on delicate hair resulting in creases, breakage and tangling. A silk scrunchie like this one gently glides over the hair, reducing hair damage and keeping it sleek and smooth. . 

The LilySilk Silk Hair Scrunchies have been designed with the highest grade 6A Mulberry raw silk. Super soft and breathable, they’re great for keeping your hair in top condition whilst also looking super sweet.  

Available in a few chic colours, including chocolate, coffee, pink and rose, these are pretty enough to wear out and about, not just when you’re getting ready. 

While Slip® has the backing of celebrity hairstylists, at £39 for a pack of three scrunchies, they’re substantially more expensive. 

Not only are the LilySilk Silk Hair Scrunchies cheaper at £7.29 for one (£20 for a pack of five), they’re actually made from the same grade silk so you can still reap the benefits whilst saving yourself money.  

Shopper rave that ‘you will notice a difference’ after switching to a silk hair tie

One delighted shopper left a glowing five star review for the silk hair scrunchies, writing: ‘Makes my hair feel softer. Love this scrunchie! I’ve definitely noticed the change in the texture of my hair. Hardly ever feels frizzy or dry anymore and the pink is a lovely colour.’

Another agreed, adding: ‘After buying a silk pillowcase I got this and it really does stop breakage even after tying up hair! Feels like true silk and is so much softer than standard scrunchies even if it is still elasticated, can definitely feel a difference & worth the price!’

A third penned: ‘Surprised by how much of a difference it makes. Was a bit iffy about spending this much on a scrunchie but after googling how best to be nice to newly bleached hair, silk scrunchies were recommended.

‘I sleep with my hair in a messy bun and have to say, my normal fabric scrunchie usually has lots of hair on it when I take it out, this one, none. No kinks in my hair, no breakage, I’m a convert.’ 

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