Ive never cut my hair – men love it but I havent been on a date in six years

A woman who has never cut her hair gets loads of messages from blokes – but she hasn't been on a date in six years.

Pharmacist Tina Luven, 27, from Russia, has always had long hair, and has never cut her hair in her whole life.

It now measures up to four-feet in length, and her long locks has led to her attracting over 17,000 Instagram fans, as well as several compliments from strangers.

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Tina's loyal followers enjoy seeing her pictures and videos that show off her long tresses, and she advises people how to maintain their lengthy locks by spending just £3 a month.

She does this by brushing her hair once every day without applying any special products.

Even though she admits she thinks genetics helps her achieve the glowing do, her fans have dubbed her a "beautiful Rapunzel".

You'd think she'd be snapped up by now due her sheer amount of adoring fans, but she hasn't been on a date in six years.

Tina said: "I'm not married and my last relationship was in 2016. I think the older you get, the harder it becomes to find someone who matches your thinking.

"I don't party or go out much so I don't meet a lot of people, and the chances of meeting a suitable person are growing smaller by the day.

"I don't want to take anyone's opinion into account, and I enjoy being on my own.

"I find it difficult to open up to people. Maybe that's why I have only one friend.

"My sister is 11 years older than me and she likes to keep long hair too.

"There is no starting point for my long hair. I just never thought to cut it.

"I always wanted long hair so I haven't cut my hair since I was a child. I just trimmed them twice – about 18cm in 2019, and about 10cm in 2020."

Even though Tina hasn't been in a relationship for a long time, she describes herself as being very secretive in person, and finds it difficult to open up to people.

Her fans wouldn't think it by looking at her pictures and videos on social media but, when the camera is off, Tina is actually shy and introverted.

Aside from the many followers on her Instagram, Tina also gets a lot of love and appreciation in real life, even though she rarely lets her hair down in public.

"Basically I don't show my hair," added Tina.

"I keep them tied when I am in a public space or out of home.

"But if I walk with my hair open and loose people turn around, and I can hear them whispering about me.

"Sometimes people come up to me and even start complimenting my hair on my face.

"I have had only warm and pleasant words from people in real life.

"They wish my hair would grow longer.

"I prefer not to notice the male attention that I get online, and in real life as I mentioned I don’t like opening up to people easily."

Many people comment on Tina's page and request her to do certain things.

Tina admits she likes it when her hair brings people pleasure in different ways.

She said: "They also tell how beautiful, amazing, gorgeous and silky my hair is. They call me a Rapunzel.

"Some people may not like my hair and that is their choice.

"This one time someone said that I had an awful hairstyle of an old woman.

"I don’t bother with such comments."

People can't believe she does nothing to maintain her silky locks, but's she's adamant she has no secrets.

She only uses shampoo and conditioner on her hair, and she never applies any special masks or treatments.

Her expense on maintaining her hair comes to around £8 over a period of two to three months.


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