Jonas Brothers The Album is a short but sweet love letter to their wives: review

The Album

The Jonas Brothers are in love.

OK, this isn’t brand-new information. After all, they were in love when they released their comeback album, “Happiness Begins,” in 2019, too. But now they’re really in love.

The band’s latest, “The Album” (out Friday), is a tender tribute to Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas’ respective wives, Danielle Jonas, Sophie Turner and Priyanka Chopra.

Across a short but sweet 12 tracks — eight of which don’t even crack the three-minute mark — the most famous group to come out of New Jersey since the Four Seasons croons about finding love, letting it blossom and soaking in every cloud-nine feeling in between.

There are saccharine harmonies aplenty, starting with the funky, staccato-versed opener, “Miracle,” which extols the special someones who’ve entered and forever altered the trio’s lives.

“The devil had my hands tied / And then you came in like a landslide,” they sing during the chorus.

The Jonas Brothers have cited the Bee Gees as their primary influence for “The Album,” though the Laurel Canyon-esque record is more “California Dreamin’” than it is “Stayin’ Alive.”

The jaunty “Summer Baby” finds Kevin, Joe and Nick “catching feelings” for their now-muses — and eventually becoming “your baby’s father” — while the breezy standout “Montana Sky” documents their transformation from young Disney Channel stars to husbands (“I got brothers in their 30s back in Jersey, but your heart is where I’m home,” Nick croons).

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However, like any relationship, the Jon Bellion-produced album has its low points. The strummy “Americana” pushes the boundaries of catchy by bordering on repetitive, and the experimental “Summer in the Hamptons” shares more information than anyone ever needs to know about the Jonas Brothers with cringingly horny lyrics like, “I’m deep inside your sand / A different kind of warmness.”

But a stellar three-song run smack-dab in the middle of “The Album” makes it easy to forgive the clunkers.

The brass-heavy “Celebrate!,” which could easily fit on a Bruno Mars album, exudes so much joy that it practically dares you not to get up and dance, and the autobiographical single “Waffle House” has been a certified bop since the brothers first teased it on TikTok earlier this year. Rounding out the trifecta is “Vacation Eyes,” a gorgeous midtempo groove about being so infatuated with a partner that every day with them feels like a sunny sabbatical.

The most special moment, though, is “Little Bird,” an acoustic ballad dedicated to Kevin, Joe and Nick’s collective five daughters. The trio find themselves reveling in the present (“Small hands wrapped around my finger”) before looking ahead to the future when their girls are all grown-up (“Please just keep me in your heart when you fly into somebody else’s arms”).

It’s a touching reminder that the Jonas Brothers, who were just kids themselves when they rose to fame, will always be family men — even if that looks a little different these days.

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