Jude Law Talks Joining Star Wars Universe in Skeleton Crew: I Get Awestruck

Next year, Jude Law is set to lead the cast of the Disney+ “Star Wars” series “Skeleton Crew,” about a group of children finding their way home after being lost in space. Speaking to Variety senior culture editor Marc Malkin while promoting “Peter Pan & Wendy,” Law revealed his excitement to enter the iconic world of the film.

“It was such an important part of growing up, the impact of that film and that world. The way it penetrated and exploded my imagination,” Law told Variety. “There are one or two more times every day where I’m walking on set and it hits me like a child. I get awestruck by certain characters that are around me, that I can’t say. ”

Law, who was interviewed with “Peter Pan & Wendy” director David Lowery on the carpet of the D23 Expo, plays iconic villain Captain Hook in the upcoming Disney+ film. Speaking about the film, Law revealed his process of wearing the character’s signature pirate hook hand on set.

“We worked really hard on the hook, there were many different versions of the hook, until the ironmonger got it just right,” Law said. “And I was very lucky that I was embraced and included in the process of working out those little details. I mean those tiny details are what’s gonna add color and depth and a new slant to this whole piece.”

Law also revealed that during filming of the movie, he avoided letting the child actors who play Peter Pan and the Neverland children see him out of costume, in order to preserve the gravitas that the character commands within the film.

“Putting the entire shebang on was pretty exciting,” Law said. “I don’t think during the filming, I ever let the kids see me not as Hook,” Law said. “It felt like there was a reverence that he demanded that I thought might get burst if they knew me as Jude in his jeans at the beginning of the day. So I would sort of sneak in and get fully dressed before I came on.”  

“Peter Pan & Wendy” and “Skeleton Crew” will both be released on Disney+ next year. Watch the full red carpet interview above.

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