Kate Middleton and Prince William’s have recently ‘increased intimacy signals’

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Kate Middleton and Prince William, both 38, started dating after meeting at university. The couple have now been married for nine years and have three children together: Prince George, seven, Princess Charlotte, five, and Prince Louis, two. A body language expert has shared an insight into their relationship.

Being working members of the Royal Family means following certain protocol and Kate and William’s public displays of affection are often kept to a minimum.

This may be because of royal etiquette but also because they want to maintain their professional standards.

However speaking to Express.co.uk, a body language expert has suggested the couple’s intimacy has increased over recent months.

Judi James explained that spending time together in lockdown and attending various engagements may have had a positive impact on the couple and their body language.

The expert said: “Lockdown and mask-wearing has had an impact on all our body language and the Cambridge’s seem to be no exception.

“Time spent together in lockdown appears to have intensified their public displays of togetherness, creating moments of much closer proximity and some more prolonged eye-gazing.”

Looking at a photo of the couple attending Kate’s Hold Still photography campaign in Waterloo, Judi added that their body language shows “strong bonds”.

The expert explained: “There is a new ease to the way the couple appear to lean in close to one another here, suggesting strong bonds of empathy and like-minded thinking.

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“Their mask-wearing will also have had an impact though. We can see William using far more illustrative gestures to make his points as clearly as possible.

“He is miming a gesture as he talks to Kate and she responds with some attentive face-watching.”

However Judi also added that this is a rare gesture for any members of the Royal Family, showing that they have become more affectionate in public.

She said: “It looks spontaneous and it is a rare gesture for royal couples, including these two, who will normally keep a slightly more formal distance during official visits.

“William and Kate have stepped up to much more active and high-profile royal roles during the pandemic, with both taking different paths as they begin to pursue their individual, successful careers in the royal Firm.

“Both have shown talent in front of the cameras and Kate is now making ground-breaking speeches in her own right.”

Kate has her own interests in charities and is patron to many museums and galleries.

This means she will often attend events on her own, and did so during the pandemic – including announcing the winner of her Hold Still photography campaign.

Judi added: “This professional ‘parting of the ways’ appears to have increased their intimacy signals when they are together, though.

“Like any couple with growing and changing careers they also seem to be using some stronger face-checking signals, too.

“This is a normal feature of role-changing relationships, where even a long-term married couple will increase their mood and thought-reading techniques to tune in to one another as frequently as possible rather than taking one another for granted.”

Looking at another photo of the pair wearing face masks while attending a surprise visit to Beigel Bake back in September, Judi explained that Kate looks confident.

She said: “William’s intense face-watching here is also important as a social signal.

“Kate’s confidence has rocketed recently, as have her status signals in the royal Firm.

“By using these active listening signals as his wife speaks, with a strong eye-gaze and puckered brows, William signals strong respect for her and her message.”

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