Kelly Dodd Calls Vicki Gunvalson 'Cheapest Chick on Earth' As She Continues to Deny Pump Unpaid Bill

Dodd asks why she’s “getting ostracized” while Vicki isn’t.

Kelly Dodd is setting the record straight — again — on claims she was banned from Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurants for not paying her bill.

LVP herself made the claim on her new E! series “Overserved” last week, telling guests Tori Spelling and Jeff Lewis that the “Real Housewives of Orange County” star had eaten at Pump and “didn’t pay a bill.”

Kelly Dodd Hits Back After Lisa Vanderpump Says RHOC Star Dined & Dashed at Pump

The alleged incident went down in 2016, when Dodd was accused of arguing with a manager at the restaurant after her friends, including Vicki Gunvalson, left her with the tab. Over the weekend, Dodd defended herself against the allegations, claiming she paid her portion of the bill and even noted that she posted her receipt on social media at the time.

Calling in to “Jeff Lewis Live” on Monday, Dodd detailed everything that she claims went down.

According to the Bravo star, the incident occurred on September 11, 2016.

“I was at The Abbey with Vicki Gunvalson, the cheapest chick on earth and her friends,” Dodd said, before claiming that Vicki and her friends ordered “way more,” racking the bill up to $575. “I’m like, well okay I’ll get the bill, thinking that they were going to pick up the lunch.”

Dodd said when they then went over to Pump, she asked for a separate bill.

“I knew that since Vicki is so cheap and she wants everything for free, I asked the waiter for a separate bill,” she claimed. “I didn’t want to get stuck with another big bill again… I’m not cheap, whatsoever. In this case, I’m with a bunch of cheap a— old bitches, I’m gonna get my own bill.”

Dodd added that the waiter got “upset” and “annoyed” that she wanted a separate bill.

“I tipped him $30 bucks on a hundred and something — I tipped him well, but he went on Twitter and said that I stiffed him and it wasn’t me, it was those old bitches that did it,” Dodd explained, claiming she “cleared it up” on Twitter and spoke to Bravo about it at the time.

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However, Dodd said she wondered why she was “getting ostracized” instead of Vicki.

“I’m like, why isn’t Vicki getting slammed?” she said. “I pay for my own s—-.”

Lewis seemed to have unintentionally opened up the can of worms on the “Overserved” episode when he asked Vanderpump if anyone had been banned from her restaurants.

“I had no idea any of this went on!” he told Dodd on Monday.

Dodd — who reiterated that she thought everything had been “cleared up” — reminded Lewis that they went to LVP’s bar TomTom together.

“I didn’t know that I was banned from restaurants!” Dodd said and Lewis replied, “Oh, you’re right. So you were never banned.”

“I’m not going to have my name smeared out there,” Dodd added. “I already have enough bad press, I don’t need anymore. This was already cleared up four, five years ago. I need to clear my name, this isn’t what happened.”

Kelly Dodd Denies Being Fired from RHOC

When Dodd addressed the drama over the weekend on Twitter, she “demanded” an apology from Vanderpump. LVP ultimately apologized.

“Gosh of course I was told there was a problem and you didn’t pay,” Vanderpump tweeted in response to Dodd. “I was away but of course whatever you say … I apologize if there was such a fiasco and apologize on behalf of all my staff. Would love to host you.”

“Thanks for your apology,” Dodd replied. “I’m just confused why you’d say I was banned when in fact I was the subject of false and defamatory allegations and cleared this up five years ago. I’d appreciate a post on your feeds to clear this up.”

Vanderpump responded back saying she heard the situation was “a complete fiasco” and apologized again, adding that Dodd could be the “guest of honor” should she ever return.

While speaking with Lewis, Dodd said it was “really nice” of Vanderpump to apologize.

“I heard she doesn’t apologize to anyone, so that kind of made me feel good,” she explained. “She heard from one of her waiters … and she really didn’t know the whole story. For her to say I was banned for dining and dashing, I was livid.”

Dodd and Lewis both said they are curious to know what happened to the waiter who posted about Dodd’s bill at the time.

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