Kevin Hart Spoils Daughter With Luxury Mercedes SUV On Her 16th Birthday

Kevin Hart’s daughter, Heaven, is sure to be having a sweet 16th birthday after her famous father gifted her a stunning $85,000 Mercedes SUV in honor of her special day. The comedian parked the vehicle in the family driveway, topped it with two red bows, and awaited her return home, alongside friends, for a celebration.

The beautiful ride was a part of a larger surprise. Upon her arrival, Heaven was distracted by Hart and his wife Torrei, so as to keep her eyes away from the guests waiting to shout surprise. It was also to keep her away from the black Benz that she soon will be riding around in style.

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The party was themed “My Hero Academia”, a popular Japanese superhero manga, and put together by bDASHd Event Planning and Bakery. It was a beautiful showing of support for the girl that Hart has watched grow into a teenager and spent years sharing stories of with audiences around the world.

Perhaps one day Heaven will be presenting her own children with a similar gift paid for by her eventual comedy money. Last year, Kevin revealed to People magazine that his little girl has her own aspirations of following in his big little footsteps.

“My daughter wants to be an entertainer so bad, I’m just holding her back til she’s 18,” Hart told People. “I made a daddy decision to hold her back til she’s of age and then we can pursue whatever dream we want.”

The decision is one that most parents can understand and, as someone who has ascended to the top of the field, the comedy giant understands the importance of being prepared mentally for all that follows the fame. He knows the risks that comes with too much too soon and the expectations people have for those getting into the field.

“I’ve seen a lot of these kid stars, I’ve seen the way they come out when they’re adults,” he explained. “You don’t want that warped mind mentality.”

Provided that his daughter does one day get into the stand-up game, one has to wonder if she will be up for the challenge. After all, it takes more than a famous last name. Her dad, aware of this, has his own take on her skills.

“My daughter’s in love with comedy. She’s actually very funny — she has it. She has funny in her.”

It’s a ringing endorsement from a legend in the business, but also one that is still premature. With two years to go until her parental-appointed starting line for the funny business, she at least has a sweet ride to drive around in while waiting. When she’s ready, the opportunities will be there. Her dad just has one rule for today.

“Right now, let’s knock off the important stuff first.”

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