KUWTK Recap: Kim Worries Scott Has Covid After He Complains of Low Energy

Spiders and Scott having low testosterone. Yea, why would anyone want to cancel this show? – NW

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The episode started with Scott, Khloe, Kadijah, and Malika at a tennis lesson. Scott was visibly exhausted. Halfway through the lesson he had to stop for a break. Scott said that lately he hasn’t had any energy. He had no drive or energy to run around with his kids or girlfriend. He wondered if it was his age or if he was just in bad shape.

Spoiler Alert! Scott was just hungover. – NW

At Khloe’s house, Khloe asked if she enjoyed herself at Tristan’s game. Kim said the game was good, but didn’t like that the headlines in the press said that she was booing him even though she was cheering him on. Khloe agreed and said it was crazy because she knew Kim had no ill-intent. Khloe and Tristan were in a good place and she was happy that everything seemed easy.

He allegedly cheated on Auntie Khloe multiple times when she was pregnant, not to mention he hooked up with her little sister’s best friend. I’ve booed people for less. – NW

Kim changed the subject to North getting her to visit a pet store to look at a tarantula that North wants as a pet. Kim offered to bribe the pet store employee to discourage North from wanting the tarantula, but the bribe didn’t work. North still wanted a pet spider. Kim is adamant that it was never going to happen because she is terrified of spiders in the same way that Khloe is terrified of whales. Khloe said that North had always had an obsession with spiders which is ironic because Kim is so scared of them. Khloe wanted to be supportive of North and plan something to help Kim conquer her fear of spiders.

Yes, I like spiders and mommy does not. Unlike other members of this family, I have my own brand identity and my brand is not dependent on the next person. I don’t feel the need to wear matching outfits, do a spin-off, or do a collaboration with anyone in this family. I’m built different, sorry. – NW

Kim Kardashian Tried to Bribe a Pet Store Clerk to Talk North Out of Her Dream Pet

Later, Kim did interviews for her justice reform documentary to show that people who commit crimes can be rehabilitated and people deserve a second chance. In the interview Kim said her motivation was her kids. She said she is raising two black sons and they fit the statistics of the majority of the people that land behind bars, it scared her that the system is so broken. She wanted to try to have a better life for them. Kim learned a lot about the justice system by working with Alice Johnson, a woman serving a life sentence for a non-violent drug-related offense and Kim played a role in getting her out of prison.

Kim arrived at Scott’s house to go grocery shopping. However, Scott was so tired and just wanted to stay home. Kim speculated that he could have the coronavirus, but Scott didn’t think he had that because he hadn’t been around that many people. He didn’t feel sick, he just felt tired. Kim suggested that Scott get blood work done by a doctor to find out what is wrong with him. Scott is nervous about blood work because he’s put his body through a lot.

It was around this time that Sofia realized she was dating a man that was nearly 40 with 3 kids. – NW

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At Kim’s house, Khloe surprised Kim with a man that babysits tarantulas. She really wanted Kim to conquer her fear of spiders. Penelope and North joined them. North was so excited about the tarantulas and put one on her head. Kim was in disbelief. Kim wanted to overcome her fear, but couldn’t. She was freaking out, but Khloe wasn’t ready to give up just yet.

Using me for ratings two episodes in a row. It’s a shame they figured out this formula too late in the game. – NW

Scott took Kim’s advice and called his doctor so he could figure out what was going on with him. A nurse came to Scott’s house to draw blood and from there various tests were run. He wasn’t sure what the results would be, but he was anxious.

Scott’s blood type is vodka positive. – NW

Kim traveled to Washington D.C. to meet with Alice and three other women who she helped pardon. She had met Alice plenty of times before, but It was Kim’s first time meeting the other three ladies. Kim and the women were going to the White House to introduce the women to the President. It was important for the President to meet these women, hear their stories and understand where they came from so he would want to grant more clemencies in the future.

While Scott was waiting for his results, he decided to start taking nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) injections to help with anxiety, restore cells, get more energy and for a lot of other beneficial reasons. It was a 5 to 6 hour IV session, but Scott was willing to do anything to feel better. The doctor at the facility explained that if you have put your body through drugs or other types of stress, you need NAD to repair your body. It never occurred to Scott that his past partying could affect him in the long run. He was scared to get his blood test results back.

Even though E! agreed to pay for this procedure, I made the executive decision to bill Scott. Production cost should not include repair of one’s body due to Las Vegas. It’s just a strict rule that I have. – NW

Khloe and Kim went shopping for their kids. Khloe snuck away to meet up with the tarantula babysitter behind the store. She borrowed a tarantula as a second attempt to help Kim conquer her fear of spiders. Khloe took the spider and placed it (in its cage) in the front seat of the car. When Khloe and Kim left the store got in the driver seat she was shocked. She was very uncomfortable with it sitting next to her while she drove. Kim thought that her being cool with spiders is going to happen in her own time and she had no problem telling North she could not have a pet spider.

She had no problem telling me she was moving 3 kids into my house, so of course she’s comfortable telling me she won’t buy me a spider. – NW

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Scott found out from his test results that his low energy was being caused by low testosterone. He was relieved to find out it was nothing serious and it was something that was easily fixable. His doctor suggested he meet with a nutritionist to find out why his testosterone is so low, what he can do about getting it back naturally. Scott saw a nutritionist and he received a list of foods and supplements that will help him in the long run.

To Scott’s surprise if you drink water, eat vegetables, and exercise you’ll feel better. What a concept. Tune in next when he finds out the benefits of getting at least 8 hours of sleep at night. – NW

Back at Kim’s house, Kim had North’s favorite YouTube personality and wildlife educator, Coyote Peterson, come to their house with a tarantula. She hoped that after his visit North wouldn’t be so mad at her when she told her they were not getting a pet spider. North wanted Kim to hold the spider and she agreed to do it only after she bribed North to not want a pet spider and to not throw tantrums in the morning. Kim ended up holding the spider for a half a second and she even put it on her head at one point. She was happy she did it for the North but maintained that they were never owning a spider.

She didn’t need to bribe me because if I really wanted a pet spider, I’d move out. It’s nothing. Bribe your broke kids. – NW

At Scott’s house, Scott explained to Kris that he’s trying to get his body to recover from all of the years of drinking and partying. Scott said he doesn’t drink anymore, but his body still has things like prescription drugs in it. He went on to say that his testosterone was so dramatically low that his doctors were amazed that he had the energy to get out of bed everyday, but they did offer him answers. He was also doing research on his own on how to live a healthy, natural lifestyle. Kris was thrilled that he was making healthier choices. She said that everyone in the family wants him to be happy and healthy.

I feel a POOSH article coming on. – NW

At Khloe’s house, Khloe wanted Scott’s opinion on some of the renovation in her bedroom. However, when she opened her door she was surprised to see hundreds of inflatable whales. She and Scott were amazed by how many filled the entire room. Khloe knew immediately that Kim was responsible. Kim said she was getting Khloe back for all the spiders and the Kris prank. Khloe thought it was lame, but commended her for trying.

Spiders and Scott having low testosterone. Yea, why would anyone want to cancel this show? – NW

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