Latto claps back at panty police and gets $100K bid for used thong

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Latto’s got some big eBay energy.

The 24-year-old rapper called out her haters on Twitter this week after one fan criticized her for wearing the same pair of leopard panties in two photos — and her hilarious response ended up with the underwear going up for auction.

Latto’s #pantygate started when Twitter user @extraathique posted a side-by-side comparison of two photos of the “Big Energy” singer, with both showing a leopard-print thong hanging out the back of her pants.

“Can’t afford new panties ?” the tweet read, causing Latto to share the post on Sunday and write, “Oh no, it’s the panty police.”

“Ugh folks act like you can’t wash clothes and wear em again,” one fan commented on Latto’s clap-back tweet, while another wrote, “Bruh there’s packs of like 12 or more you can get on Amazon that all look like that lol.”

The “It’s Givin” singer took her panty problem a step further and listed the underwear for 99 cents on eBay Monday, tweeting, “Auction live on eBay since I can’t wear them twice.”

Bids started pouring in, with the leopard-print thong ultimately going up to $95,650 — before eBay took the post down due to its hygiene policy.

“Used underwear is not allowed on site please report any listings you see in breach of policy here,” the official eBay Twitter account wrote in reply to one fan who wondered if Latto’s post had violated the site’s terms.

During the first group date of the season, Latto encouraged “Bachelor” Zach Shallcross’ group of women to show off their “bad bitch energy” by strutting on a catwalk and sharing a moment in their lives when they’d felt powerful.

Sounds like she could’ve given Zach’s suitors a tip or two about shutting down their haters as well.

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