Lauren Graham Says Her Puppy Left Her to Live on a Farm After She 'Fell in Love' with Another Dog

And they called it puppy love!

During a new episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, airing Thursday, Lauren Graham revealed that her puppy Mochi, who she rescued last year, is now living on a farm outside of Vancouver after falling in love with another dog.

The Gilmore Girls star, 54, told host Ellen DeGeneres that it has been "quite a saga" since she adopted the "beautiful puppy" as it turned out the dog had "a lot of medical issues and needed quite a few surgeries."

Graham said her dog began working with a "wonderful rehab lady" named Anita outside of Vancouver while the actress was filming The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers.

"[Mochi] required a lot of massage and therapy so she would stay with her while I was working," Graham explained.

"Over time it became clear that not only was she very happy on this farm with Anita but she fell in love with another woman," the actress revealed, clarifying that the woman was a dog.

Graham said that Mochi missed the other dog "to the degree that she would come back to me on the weekends and cry."

"They really became companions and partners, so she was better off there in addition to living with Anita who would just take better care of her needs," the actress continued. "So it worked out great but wow, it was quite a year. A happy ending."

"So your dog is a lesbian living on a farm?" DeGeneres jokingly asked the Parenthood star.

"I mean, aren't the best dogs doing that?" Graham teased.

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While appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last year, Graham said she adopted the rescue puppy after she "fell in love with her on the internet."

"There was something in her eyes and I'd been working in Vancouver and I drove to Washington state to pick her up. And I didn't intend on taking her home that day, but one look in those big, brown eyes and 'You're coming with me!' " the actress shared at the time.

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