Least popular baby names of 2021 at risk of extinction – from Piers to Tina

These baby names dramatically declined in popularity in 2021.

Parenting site Babycentre has identified 14 boys and girls names that are at risk of extinction.

Piers – a name shared by journalist and TV star Piers Morgan – wasn’t a common choice for parents last year.

And other masculine monikers that are considered to be untrendy include Clifford, Clive, Daryl, Dwayne, Dwight, Elliot, Hubert, Leslie, Maurice, Norman, Roger, Royston and Vernon.

For women, "old fashioned" names like Maud, Doris and Phyllis have fallen in popularity.

They are joined by Barbara, Bertha, Doreen, Gertrude, Glenda, Kerry, Marjorie, Muriel, Pauline, Tina and Tonya.

So now we've covered least popular names, what about the trendiest?

According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS) Oliver and Olivia still reign supreme as they have for years in a row.

After those two – which let's be honest were expected – Amelia ranked in second for the girls while George came in second for the boys.

In third was the modern Isla and the traditional Arthur, while in fourth was Ava for girls and Noah for the boys.

Muhammad came in fifth in the UK rankings for little boys and Mia for the girls while Leo and Ivy followed up in sixth.

Next in the list was Lily for girls and Oscar for boys and then Isabella and Harry.

Interestingly, Prince Harry’s son’s name, Archie, came in ninth for the boys while traditional Rosie was the girl’s offering.

Finally, Sophie no longer featured on the top 10 girls' names ranking, but the variation Sophia came in 10th while Jack was the last of the boys’ top 10.

Check out the full list of popular names here.

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