Little girl in tears as sour sweet 'burns her tongue' after she snuck into big brother's bag of treats

A LITTLE girl has been left in tears after she snuck a sour treat from her big brother – with the sweet claimed to have BURNT her tongue.

A shocking photograph shows the blonde child with tears streaming down her face while sticking out her badly burnt tongue.

A bad blister can be seen to have formed.

The picture was shared on Tiny Hearts Education, which claimed the little girl suffered the shocking injury from a sour sweet.

The warning caption read: "Warning.

"Sour lollies are acidic and can cause terrible burns to little ones.

"Introduce after 5 and with caution! This little sweetie snuck her big bro’s sour lollies and experienced this horrific burn."

It is unclear how old the young girl in the photograph is.

Tiny Hearts Education is an education facility in Australia, and regularly shares tips and advice for parents.

It is run by former paramedic and child-safety educator Nikki Jurcutz, who shared the photograph after being passed it on by the family.

And the photo struck a chord with fellow parents as kids prepare to trick or treat on Halloween today.

One wrote: "Omg that poor baby!!!"

Another said: "Thank you so much for sharing this! I never would’ve thought that could happen."

A third added: "They shouldn’t be on the market for children full stop. The poor little thing I hope she heals ASAP".

Even Dannii Minogue joined the outcry, writing: "I will pass this information on."

It comes after parents were warned kids in dark costumes for Halloween could be at danger of car crashes.

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