Majority of Brits want Harry and Meghan stripped of royal titles, poll finds

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry should pay back the renovation costs of Frogmore Cottage , be stripped of their titles and be refused public money for police protection, the public believes.

A poll conducted by research company JL Partners for the Daily Mail suggests there could be deep anger if that does not happen.

It shows the royal couple's popularity ratings have plunged after they announced plans to step back from their roles as "senior" royals and become "financially independent".

But they made the announcement before consulting The Queen, leading to a backlash as 60% of the public believes the 93-year-old monarch has been treated shoddily.

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More people believed the couple should lose their royal titles while earning money (51%), compared to those who thought they should keep them (34%). The attitude softened if they were not earning money.

And more than half of people, 54%, want Harry to relinquish his rights of accession to the throne.

60% of people want Harry and Meghan to be evicted from their cottage near Windsor Castle, while 28% said they should keep the home.

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60% also think the pair should pay back the £2.4million of public money spent on refurbishing it, and only 25% disagreed.

Even more people, 76%, believe the couple should not get public money for Met Police protection if they live abroad. Just 13% said they should be able to receive funding for their protection.

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Public ratings plunge

Meghan's public rating is now a net minus 2%, down 22% from YouGov's October ratings. She now ranks in tenth place among 13 royals, below Sophie Wessex.

Harry in October was the nation's second favourite royal, ranking below the Queen. Now, the Daily Mail's new poll suggests he is in fifth place, with a net rating of 29%, down by 20%

Prince William is now the most popular royal. When the public was asked whether they prefer William or Harry, 65% said they preferred the older sibling.

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And when asked whether they prefer Kate or Meghan, 73% chose Kate.

But the survey suggests half of the public supports the couple's decision to give up their royal duties – while 36% did not support the move.

People do seem to value the couple – with 46 per cent disagreeing that the Royal Family will be better without them, whereas 27 per cent agreed.

Although the couple say their decision was a mutual one, only 39% of the public think they are telling the truth. 44% think Meghan pulled the strings, and just 4% think Harry was in charge.

Young people were more likely to have a positive view of Meghan. 57% of 18-24 year olds said they liked the Duchess, while 30% of over-65s said they had a negative view of her.

JL Partners surveyed 1,000 people online on Thursday and yesterday.

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