Man has huge ‘ball of mucus’ sucked from nose in stomach-churning procedure

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A man sought medical attention after he lost his sense of smell – and it turns out he had decades-old mucus and nasal polyps trapped in his sinus cavity.

This is what Tony, a patient in Alpharetta, Georgia, had removed from his nose in shocking scenes filmed for the brand-new medical documentary Stuck.

After years of suffering from breathing difficulties, things came to a head for Tony when he lost his sense of smell.

And when he began feeling something flopping around inside his nose, he finally made the decision to seek medical attention to solve his issue once and for all.

Luckily, physician Dr Daniel Carothers was on hand to give Tony the nasal relief that he had been desperately craving.

Dr Carothers explored Tony’s nasal passages with a small camera, where he immediately spotted a big, swinging polyp hanging down all the way from Tony’s eye to the bottom of his nose.

“Very gradually the polyps will start heading down into the nose. And it’ll just keep going forever. The polyps will literally come out of your nose,” Dr Carothers explained.

“I saw a patient one time that the polyps had gotten so large, it looked like he had two little hot dogs coming down on either side of his nose, and he had never had them removed! So, getting those out is critical.

“As you can see here there is a polyp here just hanging down and that’s just flopping back and forward!’’

Other little growths continued through Tony’s nose in a floppy and painful chain of polyps.

Making the decision to remove them once and for all, Dr Carothers numbed Tony’s nose with a powerful decongestant that prevented it from bleeding during the procedure and from him feeling pain when the polyps were removed.

Using a small forceps that works like a small vacuum, Dr Carothers carefully pulled the first sticky polyp out and continued until he got to a huge and swallowing tissue growth.

“This is the main one. I think it feels like flopping back and forth. It's not growth, it's just inflammatory swelling. That is something you can get throughout your sinuses,” he said.

“Nasal polyps are a genetic condition: when we breathe in, we're breathing in mould, spores, pollen and things that are irritating to the sinus lining and polyps really just begin as just a puffiness of the membranes inside the nose.

As a result of his nasal issues, Tony also suffered from an incredible amount of mucus lodged up his nose.

His sinus on the left cheek side failed to drain following the polyp removal and he still had a gigantic, disgusting ball of jelly mucus stuck up there.

Using a small tool called a cyclone that essentially acts as a vacuum, Dr Carothers slowly sucked what seemed like an endless white rope of putrid mucus from Tony’s nose.

He said: “This was never going to come out on its own. Getting that floppy thing out was incredibly satisfying! And you know, it's no longer stuck so he's going to feel great."

Eventually, the rope of mucus reached its end, with Dr Carothers successfully sucking it free from Tony’s nasal passage.

After the surgery, Tony was finally able to breathe properly again.

Stuck airs weekly at 10pm on Tuesdays on Quest Red, and stream on discovery+.

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