Martin Lewis shares top tips on how to halve your broadband costs with ‘cheap’ deals

Martin Lewis advises consumers on broadband switch deals

Martin Lewis, 48, regularly appears on television shows like This Morning and his own shows where he shares advice on money. On last nights episode of the Martin Lewis Money Show Live, the expert shared how Britons can slash the cost of their broadband deals. He also shared some affordable deals that are running at the moment.

Broadband deals can be extremely expensive and more often than not, people tend to stick with their current provider for long periods of time to avoid complications.

However once out of contract, this can mean that Britons are paying way more than average for broadband including a phone line.

Martin explained that most people pay approximately £30 to £45 a month for broadband, and in most cases, there are many better deals out there.

He said: “Most of you are out of contract and are paying £30 to £45 a month, that adds up over a year.

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“The way to get this cheap, I’ve said it so many times before, is short lived promo deals on comparison sites.

“Why? Well, because existing customers in most cases, are given access to all the tariffs so how do they attract new customers? 

“They give you incentives on top of their cheapest tariffs and they put them on comparison sites so any people who were looking to switch properly, get offered them.”

Martin then shared three top deals that are currently available for customers.

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The expert explained that those wanting to switch to another provider will have to do some “fishing around” to find the best deals.

Affordable deals available at the moment include ones from Plusnet, Virgin and TalkTalk.

Martin started explaining the cheapest deal available from Plusnet.

He said: “It ends next Wednesday and I’ve put the price at £16.20 a month and this is why. 

“£19 a month is what you pay but you can claim and you’d have to claim on this one, a £50 prepaid card so spread that over the 18 month contract and you get £16.20.

“That’s how I like to compare prices.”

Virgin also has a high speed deal available for just £18.40 a month with a £100 bill credit. 

Martin explained that this deal ends next Thursday and is also an 18 month contract.

“Most of you are paying double for far, far slower speed,” he added.

The most expensive out of the three deals shared was from TalkTalk.

For just £19.80 a month once taken into account the £80 prepaid card customers get, customers can get a 67MB tariff.

This deal ends next Wednesday and it is also for 18 months. 

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