McDonald’s fans in awe at Happy Meal ‘secret’ after worker filmed taking order

A McDonald's worker has left fans in awe when she shared a glimpse of the register while working at a drive-thru restaurant.

Grace, who works at US store of the fast food chain, filmed how she worked at a fast pace without making mistakes.

In the clip posted on TikTok, Grace says Happy Meals orders are the hardest.

The customer asks for a six-piece McNuggets meal with fries and vanilla milkshake with whipped cream for a Happy Meal plus another four-piece chicken nuggets on side.

He also gets two McChicken sandwiches to top it off.

Grace works her way through the multi-tab register as she picks up the order and presses on the tab before adding a doll toy at the end for the Happy Meal surprise.

She tells the customer: "Okay, your total comes to $16.32. It will be in a second at the first window please."

Viewers were impressed by the speed and how Grace managed to take the order without asking to repeat.

One wrote: "My brain right now seeing all these math signs."

"That looks so confusing," a second penned. "It gives me anxiety."

A third said she will remember to speak slower when ordering at drive-thru restaurants.

One insider said: "It's actually really easy when you get used to it, you just aren't used to that kind of layout. It definitely can be complicated though."

A former worker added: "I used to work at McDonald's, and I always hated doing the Happy Meals because you had to ask so many questions, unless they knew what they wanted."

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