McVities announces huge changes to digestive biscuits to make them healthier

Most of us Brits love the traditional past-time of dipping a biscuit in a cuppa.

And McVitie's digestive biscuits have got to be up there as one of the favourites, thanks to its sturdy design.

However, you may find it tases slightly different soon, as the brand has announced it's making some big changes to the biccie.

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The confectionery giant has altered the recipe for the biscuit, saying it will make it 'healthier' while still retaining its 'distinctive, salty-sweet flavour'.

Wholesense Digestives, which hit the shelves recently, contain 30% less sugar and 50% more fibre than the standard digestive and will set you back £1.59 for 300g.

However, don't worry too much, as those who still want the classic version will be able to find them for a while yet.

Speaking about the move, David Titman, marketing director at McVitie's owner Pladis, said: "It’s now even easier for shoppers to tuck into their biscuit tin favourites whether they are looking for an indulgent treat or something a little lighter."

This isn't the first time McVitie's has experimented with the formula, though.

The firm spent millions trying to reduce the saturated fat content of its biscuits back in 2008.

But, after a number of complaints from customers who really weren't happy about it, bosses returned to the classic recipe a few years later.


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