Meet Paula Hurd: Bill Gates New Girlfriend

On the other hand, Paula Hurd was married to the CEO of Oracle, who passed away in 2019 due to cancer.

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and Paula Hurd have been dating for over a year. The Microsoft co-founder and the prolific philanthropist met through common friends right after Bill announced his divorce. Paula has a business administration degree and is an experienced software techie. The high-profile couple bonded over their passion for tennis, charity, and technological background. In January 2023, they were spotted together at the Australian Open’s Men’s singles finale. Let us look at Paula’s life as a multi-millionaire and intelligent techie.

Paula Hurd inherited the $500 million worth fortune left behind by her husband, Mark Hurd, at the time of his death.

The Early Years

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Paula was born in Texas on April 27th, 1962. She currently resides in Los Angeles. In 1978, she graduated from high school. A move to Austin to enroll as a marketing student at the University of Texas changed her future. According to Daily O, she graduated from the prestigious university with a marketing and business management degree in 1984. After which, she secured a stable job with NCR corporation.

A Techie At Heart 

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Hurd worked in the NCR (National Cash Register) sales and alliance department for almost 17 years. In 2001 she moved her focus to charitable organizations and hosted philanthropic profit events on her husband Mark Hurd’s software corporation’s behalf. It was during the same year that NCR announced her late husband as the new president, he later reached the position of COO, and by the end of his tenure with NCR, he was serving as the CEO and president. Thus, Paula concentrated her energy on building philanthropic contacts for future events. In 2011 there was a significant career shift toward event organization consultant. She joined Club 127 and worked there for almost ten years. Her association with Club 127 did not end, and she is currently working as a coordinator for the exclusive elite club.

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She Was Married To Oracle’s Former CEO


Paula and Mark Hurd were college sweethearts and dated each other even after graduating. In 1990 they married in a lavish intimate ceremony, and the power couple shared two daughters, Kathryn and Kelly. Mark was known as a powerful business magnet and held an influential position as the former CEO of the software giant Oracle. He was also the one-time boss of the IT enterprise Hewlett Packard. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with cancer and passed away in 2019. According to People, the high-profile couple has been married for almost 30 years.

Hurd’s Philanthropic Ventures 


The aristocratic lady works with several worldwide charitable organizations to provide relief works in various sectors. She handles philanthropic events at the personal, corporate, and global levels. In 2021 Paula successfully fundraised $1 billion for the Baylor University Give Light campaign. She also made a generous $7 million donation to the noble cause. She is actively associated with various sports organizations and has significantly contributed to sponsoring future tennis players through global-level games.

A True Tennis Fan 


According to Daily Mail, 67-year-old Gates and 60-year-old Hurd confirmed their relationship publicly at the Australian Open in Melbourne in January 2023. They both have attended the mega tennis event separately for years as fans. The tennis buffs were spotted enjoying the Men’s Singles Final at the Australian Open. They were all smiles and interacted animatedly with each other throughout the nail-biting tournament. Later the tennis enthusiasts were spotted exploring Sydney on their first publicized romantic trip. Before that, the couple had been privately dating for over a year. The co-founder of Microsoft was previously married to Melinda, with whom he got divorced in 2021 after 27 years of marriage. Their widely reported relationship began after the 2021 divorce proceedings.

A Background Akin To Bill Gates


According to Tech Story, Paula has vast experience in the tech field and previously worked for NCR Global, an online banking software. She has been in the same friend circle as Gates for decades, and they have been friends for a long time. In 2015 they bumped into each other at a tennis tournament in California. Both are passionate about the game, and their relationship has entered a strong bond due to the same. Apart from attending tennis events, the couple has also been spotted at other sporting games, including the BNP Paribas Open at Indian Wells, California, and the 2022 Laver Cup, at O2 Arena, London. On the tech side, they are well-known personalities in Silicon Valley, and their paths have crossed frequently during many tech events. Bill also runs the philanthropic foundation – Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. With her people management skills and charity organizing background Paula is sure to help the co-founder of Microsoft with his future developmental endeavors.

An Event Organizer


She is currently working as a coordinator for Club 127, and she has held several leadership positions during her career growth which have helped her to create an impressive client list for her event programs. She identifies herself as an able host at global-level charity events supporting technological advancement. Her current relationship with the tech billionaire can provide a successful platform to host societal charity events and tech promotional activities on a larger scale.

Paula’s Current Net Worth


Paula has an estimated wealth of $35.3 million. Her husband Mark’s net worth was approximately $500 million at his death. She inherited his massive fortune after his demise due to cancer in 2019. She serves as one of the members of the board of governors at Baylor University, Texas. The prestigious university is her husband’s alma mater, and she has been instrumental in raising various fund events for the betterment of the educational institute. A $60 million worth welcome center has been unveiled at Baylor University honoring the late Mark Hurd.

Through her vast legacy and philanthropic efforts, Paula has initiated a scholarship program for upcoming tennis players. They will be given a $100,000 worth prize during the BNP Paribas Open. In 2005 she invested in a $7.1 million luxury estate in Atherton, California, along with her then-husband Mark. The property is valued at approximately $8 million at present.

Paula Hurd and Bill Gates are power magnets drawn toward each other. They will succeed in business ventures and personal life through their combined knowledge of tech and world development.

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