Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Refuse To Be 'Controlled' By Prince William

The rift between Prince Harry and Prince William is getting larger by the week. In the latest report, Duke and Duchess of Sussex want to get out from under William and Kate Middleton because they refuse to be controlled by them. Inside sources claim this is why the couple split houses with the Cambridges and quite the joint charity they set up last year called the Royal Foundation.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle go their own way

Royal expert Duncan Larcombe believes the decision to split households is a clear sign that Harry and Markle want more freedom within the ranks of the royal family. In a recent interview, Larcombe said it was strange that the couples decided to break up their households, especially considering how they are all supporting similar causes. The only plausible explanation, as far as Larcombe is concerned, is that there is a major rift between the brothers.

“It is clear that Meghan and Harry were initially preparedto slot in under the wing of William and Kate but that’s not how they feel ayear on,” Larcombe argued.

Larcombe has a good point. Just last year, the media dubbedWilliam, Middleton, Harry, and Markle the “Fab Four” and all signspointed to a promising partnership for years to come. According to TheSun, that is why they all formed the Royal Foundation together andeven held a joint Q&A session, where all four discussed their goals for theorganization.

The forum was supposed to happen on a yearly basis, but that all changed after rumors of a feud surfaced a few months ago. The Royal Foundation has since confirmed Markle and Harry’s departure, though William and Middleton are expected to continue working with the charity.

Why is Prince Harry splitting off now?

For years, Harry willingly followed William in most of his royalwork. That all changed, however, once Prince Harry met Meghan Markle. Now thathe is married and has a family of his own, Harry has reportedly shown a renewedinterest in enjoying a more independent existence, out from underneath theshadow of his older brother.

William on the other hand, is used to controlling Harry at every turn, which is why the Duke of Sussex decided it was time to get out.

For her part, Markle has been helping Harry become moreindependent. With Markle at his side, Harry is determined to forge his own pathin life and wants to pursue different types of charitable work. Marklereportedly supports Harry’s decision and is looking forward to the next chapterin their marriage.

Is this the end of the Fab Four?

Although they will have separate households and are no longerworking under the same charity, this is not the end of the road for Prince Harryand Prince William. Advisors within the royal family claim that Harry andWilliam will still work together on various projects, they just won’t be asactive together as they once were.

This news is a big setback for the Royal Foundation. Theorganization was banking on having the support of all four royals and will nowhave to settle with just William and Middleton.

Charity work aside, William and Harry are also breaking up theirrespective households. William and Middleton will retain their primary staffand will base their headquarters out of Kensington Palace. Harry and Markle,meanwhile, will be hiring their own staff and are expected to work in adifferent location.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to establish new charity

Now that they are out from under William and Middleton, Harry andMarkle are set to establish their own charitable organization. It is unclearwhat the couple will call their new endeavor, though royal experts believe itwill enable them to pursue their own passions.

Between Markle’s previous career as an actress and Harry’s royalupbringing, the new charity also enables the couple to harness the full powerof their celebrity. It will be interesting to see how they brand their new workand what kind of charities they will support.

Harry and William have not commented on the rumors surroundingtheir alleged feud. William recently celebrated his 37th birthday and, whileKensington Palace congratulated him on social media, Prince Harry and Meghan Markledid not say a word about the Duke’s birthday on their official Instagramaccount.

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