Melania Trump has found it ‘difficult to inject personality’ as Donald Trump’s First Lady

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When Donald Trump was inaugurated, Melania Trump became the US First Lady. They have both had important political roles for the last few years. However, an expert explained why Melania has struggled to “inject her personality.”

Melania and Donald have been married for 15 years, since January 22, 2005.

They met at a party seven years before when Melania was working as a fashion model.

Donald was well-known as a successful businessman and a television personality.

While they were both in the public eye, their roles completely changed when Donald became President.

The First Lady took on extra duties such as supporting charities and campaigns that were important to her.

She set up the Be Best initiative that focuses on the wellbeing of children and she has spoken on this many times.

Melania also recently shared her views when making a speech at a convention for the Republican National Convention last month.

While speaking at the White House, the mother-of-one explained why she believed Donald should be reelected.

When analysing speeches Melania has made, James Bryce, CEO and founder of communications analytics firm gweek commented on her style.

He explained she appears to rely on scripts and teleprompter while speaking out.

This may have stopped Melania from showing her personality over the last few years.

James said: “With this approach, she’ll find it difficult to inject her full personality into her delivery, due to her reliance on a tele-prompter.

“Her audience can only get a small sense of who she is, but not a full grip.”

Being the wife of the President is sure to come with lots of pressure.

The expert claimed the former model may rely on scripts to help deal with such situations.

James continued: “I would suggest that Melania has had some training to allow her to deal with high-pressure situations.

“For instance, she speaks at a controlled, diligent pace and sticks to the plan – leaving little room for error in her delivery.

“It would be interesting to see how she fares without a script or teleprompter for support.”

By following a script, Melania may be able to get her message across more effectively.

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