Mercury Retrograde: What does it mean and how will it affect you?

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On May 29, Mercury will go into retrograde for the second time this year. In astronomical terms, Mercury in retrograde occurs when, from Earth’s point of view, the planet looks as if it is travelling in reverse.

This illusion is caused by Mercury outpacing Earth in the voyage around the Sun.

A year on Mercury only lasts 88 days, compared to our 365 days, so when the small planet reaches a certain point, it appears as if it is going backward.

This is in fact caused by Mercury heading behind the Sun when it reaches the other side, from the perspective of Earth.

In astronomical terms however, Mercury in retrograde has its own meanings.

How does Mercury in retrograde affect you?

Astrologers are wary when Mercury is in retrograde, as it often spells bad news.

Mercury is known by astrologers as the planet which rules expression and communication.

When it is in retrograde, our communication skills can lack, according to astrologers.

Some in the field believe it can lead to a falling out with friends and we can experience more misunderstandings.

However, astrologers also expressed concern that it could lead to technology issues which relate to communication.

For example, this could be emails and texts getting lost and flights being delayed.

This time around, Mercury will retrograde in the star sign of Gemini, with the retrograde ending on June 21.

With it being in Gemini, astrologers believe we can harness some of the more positive aspects.

Daisy Foss, an International Healer, told Psychic World: “The energy of Gemini is very flirty, romantic and clever, always seeing two sides to everything, however, combined with the broken cycle of its ruling planet in retrograde, these two weeks can be emotionally chaotic.”

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