Mercury retrograde: What is mercury retrograde and when is it?

What is Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury retrograde is an optical illusion when the planet appears to move “backwards” in the sky.

Francesca, who you can follow on @francescaoddieastrology, explained: “Mercury Retrograde is an optical illusion!

“The planets orbiting the sun all move in the same direction but because of the shape of their orbits and because the speed at which we move around the sun differs sometimes it appears that a planet is moving ‘backwards’ in the sky.

“It’s like when two trains are traveling next to one another and the one going slower appears to be going backwards.

“The reality is they are both moving forwards but one is not moving as fast.”

When is Mercury Retrograde this year?

Mercury appears to be in retrograde about three to four times a year. In 2020, it is happening three times.

The first time was between February 17 to March 10.

The second time is coming up this month, from June 18 until July 12.

The final time is between October 14 and November 3.

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What happens during Mercury Retrograde?

During Mercury Retrograde, you may find your life become a little muddled.

Francesca said: “Mercury rules communication and all forms of exchange of information.

“Mercury is the Roman name for the God, Hermes is the Greek name.
“He is the God attributed to governing the postal system, bicycles, short distance travel, communication, journalism and mobile phones… amongst many other things!

“When he goes retrograde Mercury is said to go into trickster mode and all sorts of miscommunications, disruptions and delays can occur.”

While Mercury Retrograde may cause you some stress, Francesca advises flipping this on its head and using the time for good.

She said: “It is also a fabulous time to slow down, do less and accept the delays with technology and communication.

“Enjoy the surprises and leave more time for coincidences to emerge.”

What sign is Mercury in this retrograde?

In astrology, it is believed that the planets orbit the Sun in predictable cycles.

According to this belief, planets move through the zodiac signs.

This Mercury Retrograde, Mercury is in Cancer. The impact of Mercury Retrograde changes slightly depending on what sign it is moving through.

Francesca said: “We will be rethinking the themes associated with the sign that the planet is in so when Mercury heads retrograde in Cancer later this month we will be thinking about family, home, where and how we want to live.”

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“Also, this has the potential to make us more emotionally attuned and sensitive, but also perhaps oversensitive to the nuance of what people are saying.

“On a more mundane level this could lead to complications with home such as electrics going haywire and food deliveries getting confused.

“It would be a great time to rethink your menu and what you eat, also to reconsider some self-care routines.

“Cancer is the sign of home, food and family and so themes to do with these areas of life might be up for a muddle.”

When is Venus Retrograde?

Mercury Retrograde is the most commonly talked about Retrograde, but other planets retrograde too.

Venus is Retrograde at the same time as Mercury, so we are in for a treat.

Francesca said: “Venus is also Retrograde until the 25th of June so the first week of Mercury Retrograde is going to be double whammy.

“Communication with the people we love about what we value, and perhaps money matters in the home could be up for discussion.

“However, as you say this certainly depends on where this sits in your chart.

“Currently Venus is already Retrograde and the themes of what we value in society is being discussed everywhere we look. What are our deep seated values?

“Mercury Retrograde will pick up the baton of these discussions and give us some time to rethink what we feel.”

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