Mirror Dancer Injured From LED Screen Fall Remains in Intensive Care, Nerves May Not Totally Recover

One of the dancers who was critically injured during a concert by Hong Kong boy band Mirror is still under intensive care, with a high chance that his damaged nerves “cannot totally recover.”

The dancer’s father — Reverend Derek Li Shing-lam — has been regularly updating the public on the status of his son, Mo Li Kai-yin, since the July 28 incident.

According to a translation by the South China Morning Post, his father wrote in a social media post: “Every time [my wife and I] stand beside Kai-yin’s bed, the bitterness in our hearts is indescribable. Our active son is now helpless on the bed, his line of sight being only the cold ceiling every day.”

On Saturday night, he discussed his son’s diagnosis for the first time, saying that there is a 95% chance his vertebrae and sensory nerves may not fully recover. He also shared that they will be seeking acupuncture treatment next.

Li Kai-yin was hit by an LED screen that fell onto the stage while he was performing with Mirror at the Hong Kong Coliseum. He suffered serious bodily injuries that threatened to leave him paralyzed from the neck down.

In addition to calling for prayers, Li Shing-lam also said that his son was transferred to another intensive care unit at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Yau Ma Tei due to COVID-19-related complications. Although the details of the dancer’s brain trauma remain unclear, the Reverend shared that his son had “hope his parents could share more about their past with him.”

The accident occurred during a group performance when an LED video screen hanging above the stage fell and hit two dancers who were standing directly underneath. They were knocked to the ground and appeared to be unconscious, while the rest of the crew was stunned. The two performers were rushed to the hospital with the other dancer suffering serious head injuries, although he remained in stable condition.

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