Model given ridiculous advice to stay thin as a teenager by casting agent

A model has opened up about some horrifying advice she received from a casting agent when she was starting out in her career.

Fitness influencer Steph Claire Smith started off in the modelling industry when she was 18 years old in Australia – before taking the plunge and making a name for herself in New York and Los Angeles.

Opening up about her experiences on Grace Beverly’s Working Hard podcast, she claimed the US modelling scene had a reputation for being all glitz and glamour.

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But when it came to her body, Steph saw a much darker side to the beauty industry.

She explained: "I totally forgot it meant that I was starting from scratch again.

"Not only did no one know who I was but it was a different market so my size was suddenly a really big issue."

The model claims her New York casting agency took her name off of the books until she was “worthy” to be sent to castings with the agency’s name attached to hers.

They also allegedly gave her "ridiculous" advice for staying thin – including some extreme measures and unhealthy habits.

“I was going in for measurements every Monday and Friday, and they were telling me things like stop squatting, take hot yoga,” she added.

"They said if I got hungry, have a Diet Coke. It was ridiculous, the messaging.”

She said looking back, she couldn’t believe some of those things models were told to do as she recalled "some of the girls took up smoking to suppress hunger."

Steph said at that point in her life she was "willing to do anything to succeed" but "lost" herself and her passion for fitness and balanced eating along the way.

Shortly after that, she decided to ditch the American modelling scene and return to Australia – but it took her years to break the habits she had picked up.

"I fully lost myself and lost touch with why I loved exercising, why I ate the way I did," she said.

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"I always had quite a balanced diet up until that point. Then I just became super obsessive and it took years to break those habits – like a long, long time.

"Not just the physical habits but the thought patterns. No word of a lie – today, I am super comfortable with who I am and I have a balanced approach to the way I live and exercise.

"However, that doesn't mean there aren't days where those thoughts and guilt feelings come back up – I'm just better at squashing them."


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