Model Iskra Lawrence embraces weight gain after getting body shaming comments

Iskra Lawrence has taken to Instagram to speak about how women are often only complimented on their looks and not their personalities.

The mum and influencer often posts empowering snaps of herself to show what ‘real’ women’s bodies look like, which differs from the highly posed pictures that are usually found on Instagram.

Becoming tired of appearance based compliments, Iskra compiled a list of fifteen alternatives that could be used to boost another's confidence.

Included in her list of admirations were the lines “I love how much compassion you have for others” and “I love how down-to-earth you are. I always feel like I can be myself around you.”

Iskra penned the list to urge her followers not to focus their worth based on how much they weigh or look but base their own worthiness on who they are as a person.

Along with the list of empowering remarks, the body positive influencer posted side by side snaps of herself in the same pose.

The image on the left was labelled “2015” and the one of the right was captioned “2021”.

Posing in her undies with her hands stretched to the ceiling in both snaps, Iskra shows how she has gained weight over the years but is confident in her body.

She captioned the inspirational post: “When all we see is weight gain we negate all the life we’ve lived.

“As a society we perpetuate an obsession with physical appearance by judging one another and commenting on weight change.

"I’ve had hundreds of comments over the years about the size of my body – especially postpartum.

“So when I look in the mirror and see weight gain I choose instead to see all the other things I’ve gained from living life.”

Iskra continued: “Not being consumed with the fear of weight gain or the obsession with weight loss thanks to recovery has allowed me to achieve so much more.

“Maybe you’re not there yet. Maybe you still only see your weight when you look in the mirror or hear the comments about your body louder than all the other compliments about who you are. You can and will get there…

“Start off by thinking of all the things you’ve gained that aren’t to do with your weight / appearance, write them down in a journal or a post it note on your mirror.

“And start finding ways to compliment yourself and others that aren’t appearance based (swipe for some inspo and save it for when you need a reminder)”

Iskra urged her followers to love themselves and said: “We are all so much more than our bodies.

"As you go through life cherish all the moments you collect that make you who you are today. If you recreate this please tag me so I can reshare would love to show the world all of your magic”

Inspired by Iskra’s post, people took the comments to praise the influencer for reminding them that they are worth more than their appearance.

One person commented: “You’re so inspiring, Iskra.”

Another user wrote: “You’re an inspiration, thank you for sharing this.”

A third person added: “Yes girl. I love the honesty thank you for inspiring us!”

And someone else noted: “Powerful words of honesty that speak volumes. Thank you for this post.”

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