Model with 32L boobs looks unrecognisable as ‘fat b*tch’ comment changed life

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A woman has undergone a huge transformation and turned into a model after a cruel fat-shaming comment while she worked an accountant saw her hit rock bottom.

Jazmyne Day, from Wales, used to work in a nine-to-five job as an accountant and but constantly battled bouts of depression because of her weight.

"I honestly didn't see the purpose in living, then in December, 2017, I hit rock bottom," she told Daily Star in an interview.

"I was called a 'fat b****' by someone very close to me and everything sort of came into focus – I realised I needed to make serious changes in my life."

The 28-year-old started to work out more regularly and cut down on sugary food to improve her lifestyle.

Within three years, she lost over 60lb of fat and put on over 20lb of muscle, as well as some surgical enhancements.

Jazmyne is now a 32L online model with 2,250cc saline implants, and she is loving her new look.

She has spent a $40,000 (£29,854) on plastic surgery including two breast augmentations, one Brazilian butt lift, and teeth alignment.

"Currently I am quite pleased with my look and have truly grown to love my body," she said, adding that she has now found her passion in heavy weight training.

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In the videos she shared online, Jazmyne shows off her toned arms and chiselled body in leopard print hot pants and a mini vest.

She also posts workout videos on her dedicated fitness page and in one clip, she works on her upper body using a lat pulldown machine.

Pulling down the weighed bars close to her chest, she controls her breathing and maintains a right physique on the set.

The model said: "I love getting stronger, not only because of the aesthetic results, but also the confidence and health benefits that come with it.

"I focus mainly on the big barbell compound lifts like squats, deadlifts and overhead press. I deadlifted 225lbs for three sets of three reps the other week."

She also revealed that she's never had any serious injuries since she started training.

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"I honestly have no issues with my large breasts at all," she told the site.

"I often get asked 'Does your back hurt? It must be killing you.' Honestly, it's great! I stretch and do a lot of active recovery to keep myself from getting injured.

"My back use to hurt the most when I was sat all day at a desk job and spent my evenings as a couch potato."

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