Mom lives with cardboard cutouts of dead son after fatal stabbing

Her grief recovery is “outside the box.”

A British woman is coping with the stabbing death of her 25-year-old son by living with two life-sized cardboard cutouts of him — which she sometimes brings to weddings and birthday parties, according to a report.

Emma Caley-Taylor, of Wiltshire, England, had the 5-foot-7 dummy versions of her son Jordan printed after he was stabbed four times in 2017, according to the UK Sun.

She often speaks to her cardboard son at her farmhouse, where “he” is set up in his former bedroom.

“I walk in and say, ‘Alright, Jords’ — it’s like he’s there,” she told the outlet. “I got them on eBay. They were done to his height and everything. It’s like looking at Jordan.”

Caley-Taylor took one of the cutouts, of Jordan wearing a T-shirt and sunglasses, to a nightclub for his charity “birthday bash” last year.

She brought a second one, in which he’s sporting a tie and a grin, to relative’s wedding and set it up near the bride and groom’s dinner table.

In March 2017, Jordan was attacked by a knife-wielding 18-year-old during a spat fueled by “drunken silliness,” Caley-Taylor said.

In recent months, the grieving mom has spoken out against lenient sentences for knife-related crime in Britain, where stabbings have increased.

Her son’s killer, Hayden Maslen, was sentenced to just 20 months but served less than a year behind bars for carrying the weapon he used to stab Jordan.

Maslen was found not guilty of murder and manslaughter after he claimed the act was in self-defense.

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