Morrisons launches Bourbon Custard Cream hybrid biscuit for just 40p a pack

Sweet-toothed fans, this is for you.

Whether it’s dipped into a fresh brew, or it’s for snacking away during an episode of Love Island, who can resist the moreish ability of the humble biscuit?

For a while now, there’s been debates about which biscuit ranks supreme – but luckily for us, budget supermarket Morrisons may have just settled the score for good.

Morrisons has launched a brand-new hybrid biscuit – the Bourbon Cream, that customers are calling a “game changer”.

The all new Bourbon Cream biscuits cost just 40p per pack and are available in Morrisons stores nationwide and online now and how delicious do they sound?

In the ultimate biscuit mash-up, Morrisons has replaced the classic chocolate in the middle with a custard cream filling – keeping all of the chocolate goodness of the bourbon outside, but with a smooth vanilla custard centre.

The crown for the nation's favourite biscuit has long been contested but with these new Bourbon Creams, customers no longer have to choose between a custard cream or a bourbon.

Eagle-eyed shoppers spotted the new launch hit the shelves last week.

In a post on Instagram, @Kevssnackreviews said “it solved the problem of whether you prefer custard cream or bourbon biscuits”.

Another popular food blogger newfoodsUK posted the news to Facebook.

Since being posted it has been liked nearly 1,000 times and has garnered almost the same amount of comments.

One Facebook user said: "Standard Bourbons are the best! Yes I've tried these. They're OK but I'm sticking to a full on Bourbon".

Whilst another was quick to comment: "Surely that's just a British Oreo".

Another social media user said: "I said they should do a chocolate custard cream ages ago and everyone laughed at me".

Overall the reviews in the comment section were fairly mixed, but if one thing is for sure – it does seem to be settling questions about which flavour is the most favoured among Brits.

And it seems as though the Bourbon taste is what the people really want.

Whether you're bonkers about Bourbon or crazy for a Custard cream, this delicious hybrid is sure to satisfy some of your sweet toothed cravings.

So will you be rushing to try them?

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