Mum lets her babies wear pyjamas as everyday clothes – and slams haters

A mum who says she only dresses her babies in pyjamas said she 'doesn't care what anyone thinks'.

TikTok user @halezdm shared a video saying her babies wear "footy pyjamas" as everyday clothes during the winter.

She explained she does it to keep them warm.

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The mum also said it helps her avoid backlash, as she added: "I don't have to worry about their socks falling off and some old person telling me that my baby's feet are going to freeze."

Giving a third reason, she admitted: "And they're just easier.

"So if you see me out and my baby's in pyjamas, she's warm. OK?"

The post has since gone viral and racked up a staggering 294,000 views, along with many comments.

One person wrote: "As a second time mum, I try to only put baby in ONE piece of clothing. Bonus if the socks are attached."

While a second added: "As an infant childcare worker, I support this message."

A third chimed in: "I'm just saying, if I was a baby who slept a lot, I would want to be exclusively in pyjamas. Actually as a full grown adult, I want to exclusively be in pyjamas lol."

While a fourth added: "My 19 month old still wears sleepers some days as clothes – they're clothed and comfy, that's what counts!"

The video comes after two other mums hit headlines this week after they jetted off for a '9-hour holiday'.

The mothers took to TikTok to reveal they'd headed off to Lanzarote for a quick trip to have a break from their kids.


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