Mum loves sons unique baby name but trolls say its like an apartment complex

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A mum has split opinions with the baby name she chose for her son – which some trolls have claimed sounds more like a block of flats than a child.

The woman has a husband of more than 10 years and two cute children and says she is "not like a regular mom I’m a cool mom".

In a series of videos, she has been revealing the names she gave her kids and it's caused a bit of a stir, with some people loving it and others having more traditional tastes.

Showing a video of her boy running up to her on the beach, she reveals she named him "West Woods" after seriously considering "Jett Black", "Ledger Hayz", "Rugged Cruz", and "Jetter Cove".

Meanwhile, her daughter is called "Zuri Bloom" after she and her husband decided to turn down "Golden Wilde", "Essie Mae", "Taytum True", and "Billie Stone".

In the caption, she joked: "If I had known my baby names were going to go viral, I would have posted them long ago!"

The video was watched more than 150,000 times since being posted on Tuesday (January 4) and hundreds of people left comments.

One person who did not approve said: "West Woods, that's not a human name. Like an apartment or school complex. It's a child."

A second critic blasted: "West is a direction, dear. It's not a name."

"West Wood is the high school in my town – so cute though honestly love it for a name," commented someone else.

A fourth user wrote: "Such a cool name we are looking at Trafford or Carano for a boy."

Someone else wrote: "I used to live in a street called West Wood. Whatever works for you and your family, do it! It's your baby."

Meanwhile, here are some traditional baby names like "Piers" and "Maurice" that are on the brink of extinction as "Oliver" and "Olivia" top the popularity charts yet again.

Do you think it's a good idea to pick a modern baby name or are traditional choices a better bet? Have your say and let us know in the comments

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