Mum makes swanky coffee table from old car tyres and people can't get enough

A mum decided to upcycle items instead of buying new because she was conscious of how much waste her family was producing.

Jasmine Campbell, from Brisbane, Australia, wanted to reduce her environmental footprint and started making furniture and accessories from leftover materials.

Recently she repurposed some old car tyres and turned it into a snazzy coffee table.

Jasmine’s creations are so cool, people want to buy the stuff.

So the mum set up her own Facebook page, Modern Mila, which features her inventive reinventions.

The coffee table – made from a tyre wrapped in woven twine – is currently on offer to customers for $150 (£82).

And it also has a sealed bottom and removable lid, creating hidden storage space.

Who knew tyres could look so swanky?

Jasmine shares all her inventions on Facebook. She recently shared the tyre coffee table, saying: ‘Like all my upcycle projects I’m really quite passionate about these guys!

‘It’s so hard to get trendy furniture at a reasonable cost and made sustainably. Plus it comes with that additional storage space under the lid.’

People love the coffee tables, with many tagging their friends and family to say they should buy one.

One woman wrote: ‘I think seeing the tyre on the inside is like a hidden gem when you open the lid, you don’t expect it!’

Another wrote: ‘Amazing, what a great use of old tyres’ while a third said: ‘How clever!’ 

Being the true upcycle queen, Jasmine also used leftover bits from the coffee tables to make plant pots.

Some of Jasmine’s other upcycled items include earrings made from old denim and soy wax candles hand-poured into discarded jars.

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