My girlfriend choses her best friend over me even when he's in the wrong | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: MY girlfriend’s best friend pulled down my joggers and pants in the middle of the high street, exposing me to everyone.

When I yelled at him, he said: “You’re a sensitive soul aren’t you? It was just a bit of fun.” I didn’t see it like that.

I phoned the police and my girlfriend went mad, so I didn’t pursue making a statement but felt so humiliated.

The thing is, she seems to be choosing her friend over me. He’s 17 and she’s 16, they grew up together and they’ve always been close.

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He always seems to be there and nobody else’s opinions matter. My girlfriend hangs on to his every word like a love-sick puppy.

I really love my girlfriend and want to make it work, but I cannot be around him without being uncomfortable.

He’s even tried to turn her against me. I’m 16 too.

What can I do?

DEIDRE SAYS:  What he did was an assault. Why shouldn’t you tell the police?

You want your relationship to work but if she truly cared, she’d never have allowed him to humiliate you in this way without their friendship being in jeopardy.

Tell her why you feel upset.

She needs to make a choice – stand up to her friend and support you, or risk losing you.

For further advice, contact The Mix (, 0808 808 4994) which has a free confidential helpline for those under 25.


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