My girlfriend is sharing a room with her ex for their son’s birthday and I worry – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: FOR a birthday treat, my girlfriend’s son is going to Center Parcs for a long weekend.

But my partner is taking her ex and their other child along with them and I fear they will get close again.

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I am 28, my girlfriend is 23, her ex is 26 and they have a girl of five and a boy of four.

She claims her ex is only going for the sake of her son but I think that’s a bit much.

I understand the boy’s dad wanting to be with his son on his birthday but they are all staying in one family room.

They split up a year ago but I wonder if she still feels something for her ex.

DEIDRE SAYS: Sharing a room may well be simply to keep the cost down – and they would struggle to get up to much with two children sharing the room.

If your girlfriend is warm and loving with you and there are no obvious strains in your relationship, I doubt that you have much to worry about here.

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