My violent boyfriend threatened to turf my dogs out on the street if I leave him – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: IF I could, I would leave my boyfriend but he’s threatened to turf my dogs out on the street if I do. That’s the sort of emotional blackmail I have to put up with.

I’m a gay man of 28. He’s 42 and very controlling. He was violent towards me so when I met somebody new, I tried to leave him.

He begged me to stay, saying everything would be OK. Like a fool I believed him. That was three years ago.

Now I can’t even visit my mum ten minutes away. I’m like a prisoner.

He gives me £20 to get to work and that’s it. I give all my money to him.

I’m crying inside because I have loads of debts and he gives me financial security.

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DEIDRE SAYS: You need to find a safe way to leave this bully. If he loved you, he wouldn’t want to hurt you.

Find help through Galop, (, 0800 999 5428), which supports members of the LGBT+ community that are victims of domestic abuse.

My e-leaflet on Dealing With Debt will help and the Dogs Trust’s Freedom Project (, 020 7837 0006) helps find temporary foster homes for the pets of those fleeing abusive partners.

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