My wife got matching tattoo with my old ink – she doesnt know my ex has same

Getting matching tattoos is a very permanent way to declare your connection with someone.

So when a woman got married, she thought it would be 'cute' to get the same ink as her husband.

However, they didn't go to the parlour together after tying the knot for a fresh set of body art.

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Instead, the woman decided to get a matching tattoo to one of his pre-existing designs.

And, that happened to be a very bad decision according to her husband.

Why, you ask?

Well, his original tattoo was actually from a matching set with his ex.

Taking to confessional Twitter page 'Fesshole', the anonymous bloke revealed: "When my wife and I were married, she got a tattoo matching one I already had.

"She thinks it's cute we have matching tattoos.

"I can never tell her I got the tattoo as a matching set with my ex years prior."

Not so 'cute' after all!

Shocked at the bloke's confession, many people fled to the comments to share their thoughts as some felt he should never tell her.

One person fretted: "One day they'll bump into each other, it's bound to happen."

Another user added: "That would an awkward threesome."

While a third voiced: "She knew.

"She was trying to assert dominance."

Someone else wrote: "I dream of these two women running into each other, noticing the tattoos and slowly realising what’s up as they discuss them with each other."

Meanwhile, a fifth urged: "Nope, you can never tell her."

Elsewhere, an OnlyFans model shared trolls said she looks like a 'school desk' because of her patchwork tattoo designs.

She also revealed her mum wants her to stop the 'impulsive' ink sessions – but the model would like her whole body covered by her 25th birthday.


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